National Acheivement Scholarships

<p>I was wondering if the national acheivement scholarship had different cutoff scores for different states like national merit. I got a 193 and I heard the cutoff is usually around a 185 so I'm freakin out. Any information about the scholarship would be helpful..thanks!</p>

<p>I don't know whether the cutoff differs by state. However, your score is so high for black students that I am sure you'll be a scholar (assuming you have the requisit gpa which is necessary for you to advance from semifinalist to finalist. I'm not sure what thegpa is, perhaps a 3.5 unweighted).</p>

<p>If you check collegeboard in the counselor's section, you can find a breakdown of SAT scores by race and gender. If you translate your PSAT scores into SAT scores, you'l see how rare your scores are for black students. From what I can tell, the PSAT cutoff for National Achievement Scholars is about 190, perhaps lower.</p>

<p>well my gpa is a 3.99 uw so I think I'm good but if it does vary by state then I'm in good shape because the black people in Georgia seem to be especially slow. Wish me luck!</p>

<p>you're in for sure. You have nothing to worry about. You might be surprised by how good your state actually is by looking at the psat score cutoffs (national merit and achievement and hispanic) and see your state is probably middle of the road</p>