Need help in choosing school

<p>UT arlington--offering thesis MS IS</p>

<p>Oklahoma state university(Spears business school)- MS MIS</p>

<p>UTAH state(huntsman business school)- MS MIS (internship included in curriculum)</p>

<p>UT dallas(Jindal school of management)- MS IT and Management (curriculum-SAP,ABAP,BI oriented)</p>

<p>WPI business school- MS IT</p>

<p>Pace university- MS IS</p>

<p>Plz help me out for choosing school from reputation and job prospects</p>

<p>Get a job in IT first that has a tuition benefit, then do the MS part time. This will have at least three advantages: 1. you'll have some work experience that will make the course material make much more sense and help you contribute much more to the class discussions. 2. it will be far cheaper. 3. you'll already have a job when you graduate and can either look for a better one, lobby for a raise, or just stay put.</p>

<p>You may want to re-post this in the Graduate School Forum or the Business School Forum. The people there will have better information for you. You can find those forums by going to the main page where all of the forums are listed, and then scrolling down.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>