Need help selecting colleges?

<p>Hi, I'm currently selecting schools to visit. I am looking to tour a few as I have not visited any yet. I can travel all around the northeast. I am interested in studying math and science, most likely engineering. Can anyone help me form my list? </p>

<p>A bit about me:
I like smaller class sizes and individual attention. I also like to have lots of activities including sports, clubs, and study abroad opportunities. I'd like a bit of diversity. I'm not into drinking at all, but I do value a good social life.</p>

<p>SAT score: 760 Math, 560 Reading, 700 Writing (2020 overall)
GPA: 3.6 </p>

<p>Here is most of my list:
Cornell University - Reach
Carnegie Mellon - Reach
Case Western University - Match
Northeastern - Match
RPI - Match
University of Rochester - Match
Drexel - Safety (unsure of)
Stevens tech - Safety (unsure of)</p>

<p>Other schools I'm unsure of
John Hopkins

<p>Schools I'm unsure of and cannot visit because there to far:
Georgia Tech
Tulane University (I think I'm going to remove this from my list)
USC (I don't know a lot about this school)
University of Notre Dame </p>

<p>Based on my description can anyone give me an opinion on the schools above.</p>

<p>I'm planning my tours right now and I'm really not sure which school I should visit.
Which schools to add, which to remove, any you might recommend?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>You may want to add Stony Brook to your list if you are a New York resident.</p>

<p>Also, what kind of cost limit do you have, and have you run the net price calculators at the various college web sites?</p>

<p>Other schools worth considering include Minnesota, Virginia Tech, NCSU, and Cal Poly SLO.</p>

<p>Planning on taking the SAT again, or the ACT? Your SAT CR+M is 10 points away from a full out-of-state tuition scholarship + $2,500 per year at Alabama if you study engineering (3.5 GPA and ACT 30 or SAT CR+M 1330 qualifies).</p>

<p>^Thank you for your response^ My cost is open for now so I don’t really have a limit. I will look into those schools. Do you know which school from my currently list I should remove or which you think I should consider touring?</p>

<p>First, figure out a safety or few that you will certainly get in, you can certainly afford to attend, and which you will like to attend.</p>

<p>Then eliminate any schools you like less than your safety school(s).</p>

<p>Northeastern and Drexel emphasize the co-op programs – you may want to prefer or exclude those schools based on what you think of doing the co-ops.</p>

<p>You can use [ABET</a> -](<a href=“”> to check which engineering degree programs each school has. If you are somewhat undecided, find out which schools allow changing major easily and which do not (sometimes it is easier to switch from engineering to something else like math or physics than it is to switch into engineering).</p>

<p>Thank you, I checked out the schools you recommended but the thing is that most of the schools you mentioned are way to large. I’m capping the limit of my school population at 19,000 but I would prefer under 15,000. I’m cool with the co-op program.</p>