Need help! Which are matches/reaches??? Need to cut down list!!!

<p>I need to know my chances at the following colleges for regular decision. I WILL be applying for financial aid at all of them. I am instate in Virginia.</p>

<p>Colgate University
Hamilton College
Lafayette College
Whitman College
Pitzer College
University of Virginia
College of William and Mary
Rice University
UNC Asheville or CH</p>

<p>High School Senior at Public High School
GPA: 4.0021 W
Rank: 19/292 (Top 6.5%)
SAT: 630/710/610 (1340/1600)
SAT II: Taking these soon
ACT: 30
Instate Tuition: Virginia and Florida (I get instate in either state)
Good Recommendations I can get: Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice (Scout troop leader), US House of Representative from Florida (Different scout troop leader from other troop), English teacher and APUSH teacher, and maybe tennis coach.</p>


<p>JV Tennis 9
Varsity Tennis 10,11,12
2nd Place District
5th Place Regionals
Varsity Letter - Tennis 11,12
Outstanding Achievement in Tennis 10</p>

Young Democrats 10
National Honor Society 10,11,12
<em>Only 3 year NHS member at my High School</em>
Saltwater Fishing Club 11,12 (President 12)
Key Club 11
Mu Alpha Theta 11,12
Technology Students of America (Sergeant-at-Arms)</p>

Perfect Score on Virginia Math League Test 11
Eagle Scout 12
Billy Neuberger Award for Outstanding Leadership in Boy Scouts 9
Order of the Arrow Member 9
1st Place Poetry Contest 11
1st Place School Science Fair 9
2nd Place Regional Science Fair 9
District Science Fair Participant 11
150+ Volunteer Hours
1st Grade Tutor 10 hours/wk 9
Scholastic Silver Key Award for Excellence in Photography 9
Outstanding Achievement in Art 9
Outstanding Achievement in Photography 9,10</p>

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader 9,11</p>

<p>Volunteering: Gymnastics Meet Volunteer/Worker, Food Bank, Scouting for Food, Videotaped sports games for high school, among many other things.</p>

<p>Thanks for all help and input!</p>

<p>Oh and my Mom thinks I can get into Wharton (Penn) or Cornell... :D hahaha what are my chances there?! ;) LOL</p>

<p>im not sure about all of them so ill guess for some </p>

<p>Colgate University-match
Hamilton College-match
Lafayette College-idk
Whitman College-idk
Pitzer College-idk
University of Virginia-idk...match probably
College of William and Mary-im not sure
Rice University-slight reach
UNC Asheville or CH-?</p>

<p>and im not sure what ur mom is thinking...theres no chance at wharton or cornell
or at least very very very slim</p>

<p>What do you want to study?</p>

<p>Might want to look at Bucknell and Holy Cross both similar to Colgate. Holy Cross has nice location-1 hour from Boston.</p>

<p>i want to study political science or something in business. is there any more input??? thanks to all who've replied so far. :)</p>

<p>please i need more input pretty quickly.</p>

<p>match at UVA and William and Mary.</p>

<p>good luck.</p>

<p>Colgate University-good chance
Hamilton College-in
Lafayette College-in
Whitman College-in
Pitzer College-in
University of Virginia-OK chance (35-40%)
College of William and Mary-OK chance (35-40%)
Rice University-slim chance
UNC Asheville -in
UNC CH - slim chance</p>

<p>thank you so much! but one of you all said UVA and WM was a match and the other said ok chance??? can someone clarify?!</p>

<p>hello?! more input please!!!</p>

<p>dude chill out, people dont need to make your life decisions...why are you cutting down your list?? frankly, it seems like you have 1-2 sure-bets, 3-5 matches, and 3-5 reaches...thats a good number...but, UNC-A would be the first school i drop...but instead of going around on CC and saying "am i going to get in here?!?!?!?!?!?!" go look on collegeboard, buy a couple of college guide-books, and apply to each one on your list...THEN try to go visit the schools...then make your final decision (the visits might come to late to decide on applications, so use visits to decide which schools you would want to attend if accepted)
if you just run around here like a chicken with its head cut off basing your applications on a bunch of random peoples GUESSES (because thats all they are) then youre gonna be F***ed because youre going to miss out on applying to a school you might really like</p>