Need help!

<p>Basically, the typical contender for an "ivy league" school, until about this semester. My parents and I were so psyched about applying to a couple ivy schools next fall, but I couldn't handle the work load and I'm probably ending up with 3 Bs. Those are in IB Calculus BC, IB History of the Americas I, and Honors Academic Decathlon. I didn't prepare for this odd chance that I wouldn't get straight As, and look where I am now....</p>

<p>Are there those off chances that I could still get into an ivy? It's not that I'm one of those crazed ivy league kids that think those are the only good colleges, it's just that I really wanted Columbia, then Brown as my top choices. I loved those schools! How likely is it that I can still apply and get into these schools swing I never get a B again? And SAT scores around 2200-2300, hopefully improving those! </p>

<p>And also, I've been trying to pick some safety schools, seeing as I can't aim as high anymore, and I was wondering what people thought about Barnard, Vassar, and Wellesley? Also, can anyone recommend any smaller colleges worth looking into? Thanks.</p>

<p>Without knowing anything but your grades and scores, we can't really say if you have a chance, BUT simply given your numbers I would say you still have a shot. </p>

<p>Barnard, Vassar and Wellesley are good options similar in feel to Columbia and Brown, but should not be considered safeties.</p>

<p>Can you give us some more info about your interests?</p>

<p>Are you applying Regular Decision to all of these schools? If so, then they will only be seeing your grades and GPA from your junior year, and then your Senior year mid year reports. It's usually a semester grade that goes into the school forms. So find out from your counselor whether your school will be sending a transcript with 1st quarter grades, or whether the mid-year report will show only the 1st semester grade. Each school is different. However, if your school ends their semester now rather than the mid-Jan. time frame (some schools do this), then just make sure you send your mid-years now but also send in your 3rd quarter grades to their admissions offices as soon as they are available. That could help you a great deal if you pull them up to all A's.</p>

<p>Do not freak out, that's the worst thing you can do right now. Just focus on pulling up the grades. If the grade slip is due to not turning in homework then that's an easy fix, but if the grade slip is due to not understanding some of the material then get tutoring help immediately. Do not wait if that's the case. </p>

<p>You have not ruined your chances, you've just had a "wake up call". You aren't earning anything lower than a B, so you are still fine. But yes, you do have to pull them up asap.</p>

<p>And no, those schools you are mentioning aren't safeties for anyone. My S had very high stats, NMF, EC's, etc, and was denied at Vassar! My gosh no, those aren't safety schools. You need to look at schools that are similar, but with fairly high acceptance rates for a safety. Consider one of your instate options for a safety.
Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you both! Irishrabbit, interests as in extracurriculars or sports?
& jkiwmom, in the spring, i'm visiting all the colleges i'm considering and then hopefully i will find one that i want to apply early ad to. I've been leaning a lot towards columbia, but still unsure with my grades.</p>