Need info on NYC or NY state schools!!!

<p>I'll be applying to colleges next fall, and have been interested lately in going over to the East Coast for school. I live on the West Coast and would prefer the school to be in the New York City area, or perhaps around New York state since i have family there. What are some schools worth mentioning aside from the more known ones such as Columbia and NYU. I've heard about the CUNY system but how does it work? What are your personal views on these schools. Feedback from people attending these schools would be great as well!!!</p>

<p>CUNYs are very confusing to me. Most are commuter schools. If you don’t live in nyc I would advise to stay away. Suny schools though are okay schools, but are very affordable</p>

<p>I would suggest looking into Fordham as well. If you are female, you can check out Barnard too And I do agree that the CUNY schools are primarily commuter schools so they are probably not a great choice for you.</p>

<p>Possible major(s)?</p>

<p>Cost constraints? SUNYs and CUNYs are probably around $30,000/year out-of-state, but do not expect good financial aid (check net price calculators).</p>

<p>What do you want to study?
What are your stats?
What is your budget?
Any preference of size, location (urban/rural), or vibe?</p>