need matches, reaches, safeties

im an indian from central NJ</p>

<p>freshmen gpa : uw3.0/w3.2
sophomore : uw3.7/w4.0
junior : uw3.8/w4.1</p>

<p>SAT - 2290 (750math)(740cr)(800writing)
SAT 2 : Math II - 760, US History - 790, Bio - 720</p>

<p>ap classes/community college courses(cc)</p>

<p>sophomre year
college accounting (cc)</p>

<p>junior year
AP English - 4
AP US History - 5
AP Bio - 5
Business Organization management (cc)
Ap Economics - 5 (in micro and macro)</p>

<p>senior year
ap calc ab
college accounting 2 (cc)
advance comp apps for business (cc)
Ap french
ap stats
ap english lang comp
in addition for senior year
scientific applications for multivariable calculus and linear algebra</p>

<p>im also doin peer leadership thing for senior year</p>

<p>Clubs/leadership pos
FBLA (10,11,12) vp-12
Fed Challenge - 11
JSA (9,10,11,12) 10-parliamentarian 11-director of debate 12- prez
french club (10,11,12) 11 -treasurer 12-vp
red cross club (10,11,12) 12 - secretary
stock market club (10,11,12) 10 -secretary 11-vp 12-prez
for JSA New Jersey Region, 10-expansion agent 11-director of expansion
-karate since 8th, first degree black belt, instructor, won some regional awards in forms
-ranked for regional, state, national for FBLA business math in 10th
-ranked for regional, state for FBLA banking/financial systems
-got awards for cultural shows
-guitar since 7th grade, did 3 cultural band shows, we took folk songs from our country and converted the music into like rock
-member of bangladeshi associaton of nj, bangladeshi society of nj, VP of Bangladeshi Youth Association of NJ
-manage stock portfolio</p>

-red cross volunteer, but not too many hours
-over summer interned at a local bank
-intern for 3 years for Investment Oppurtunites LLC, my dad and collegaues went to like slums, bought,repaired, sold houses and i accompanied them to c how everything was run,</p>

<p>i also attened JSA summer school at Pton University where i took AP comp gov and Speech, got A- in comparative government, B in speech communication</p>

<p>for business:
U Penn Wharton
Indiana U Bloomington
U Michigan Ann Arbor
UC Berkeley
U Illinois UC
U Wisc Madison
UNC Chapel Hill
CUNY Baruch
Penn St
U Maryland CP
George Washington U
Boston C
Carnegie Mellon

<p>thanx, i wanna stay in eastern/northeastern area though, but if its not any further trouble could u tell me my matches, safeties, and reaches</p>

<p>These threads asking for matches, reaches, and safeties are "nuts'. </p>

<p>Run out and buy a copy of Fiske, or similar college guide. Start at the beginning and skim through to Z. Flag the schools that sound cool/exciting/neat/whatever to you. Get excited about the almost endless possibilities out there.</p>

<p>If your SAT scores are in the 75%tile or above, a school could be safety, </p>

<p>If you SAT scores are in the 50%tile that school may be in the match category.</p>

<p>If your scores are in the 25%tile, the school may be a reach.</p>

<p>(The above assumes for simplicity that SAT scores may be fairly representative of a student's complete record.)</p>

<p>Complicating the above is the acceptance rate. If a school has a 12% acceptance rate, then it will be a reach for every single applicant. (Think HYPS.)</p>

<p>The terms safety, match, and reach are not always helpful because they do not reflect the "random" nature of much of college admissions. Better terms would be high, medium, and low probability schools. </p>

<p>So, a candidate with absolutely amazing, Nobel Prize winning potential, is still going to have HYPS as low probability schools, because amazing candidates are a dime a dozen.</p>