Need some CC advice

<p>Yea, my last round of SATs definately did not go as planned at all, since I did worse than before. Seeing as this is the case, I'd like to ask the opinion of fellow CC'ers. My situation is as follows (stats will appear below), I'm thinking of applying rd to many top ivies, but I'm really not sure if it would be worth it because I would have to standy the dec test and take sat II's again in January (since I only have 2, Wharton/Upenn only required this many, where I applied ed). In addition, I'm already in at my safety (Umich Ann Arbor) which I would personally consider better than most schools out there as far as the fields I am considering for a career outside of many of the top schools nationwide, ie hypscm. Maybe throw in a Dartmouth or Duke to that list, but not likely. So yea, given my stats would the double retake be worth it? By the way, I'm retaking subject tests because that 760 on math 2c hurts my personal pride to an extent that would make it worth retaking if for no other reason than getting the 800. (Assume I would probably score 1500+ on original and 2250+ overall)</p>

<p>I go to a very competitive public high school in Michigan. I am a caucasian male.</p>


<p>GPA- 3.921....(unweighted)
Rank:Transcript clearly says no rankings/weighting</p>

<p>Test Scores- 32 ACT composite (probably won't even send this though), 2140 SAT (760 M, 700W, 680 CR) (I lost all battery power on the math section on the last test, causing a lower than 800 score)
SAT II's: Bio 780, Math2c 760 however, I can GUARANTEE AN 800 next time
For my third, I'd probably lean towards lit or spanish, who knows</p>

<p>AP Tests (so far):
Chem/Bio/Euro Hist: 5
American Hist: 4
English Comp: 3 (will retake, not that it will matter at this point)</p>

<p>Junior Schedule:
Bio AP
Euro AP
Honors pre-calc
english honors/ap (one each semester)
Chem AP
Spanish 4</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
Phys C AP
Spanish AP
English 12AP
Environmental Science/gym (gym required to graduate)
Econ AP
Calc BC AP</p>

<p>Extra Curricular Activities:</p>

<p>Debate (10th/11th): This is my primary extra-curricular activity that occupies most of my time, it involves several hours per week of work as well as a tournament almost every weekend for the entire first semester and the begging of the second semester. I have won various speaker awards as well as awards for excelling at tournaments.
I also hold the treasury position in this club.</p>

<p>Quiz Bowl (10th/11th): Treasurer of this club as well. Have won various team awards at tournaments though nothing that great.</p>

<p>Math Club (9th/10th/11th): Top 1000 in state (mmpc) for 9th/10th grade, top 200 for 11th. Participated in amc all three years and qualified for aime once, got a 3, not too impressive. Also was on state winning mml team.</p>

<p>Future Problem solvers (10th/11th): Regional winner and state qualifier.</p>

<p>National Honors Society: we all know what nhs is I hope</p>

<p>Chess Club (9th-11th): Treasurer, though I may not even include this on app cuz it's a little excessive.</p>

<p><em>insert other random/non-important stuff here</em></p>

<p>Assume good recs and essays.</p>

<p>Would some*body please read my post, I am having fun reading other topics, but I would like someone to read my **p*ost</p>