New Prohibition of the Word "T r o l l"

<p>The moderating team has noticed an increasing usage of the word "t r o l l" by members. The problem with this trend is that it is offensive to posters who really are NOT t r o l l s. Also, the correct way to deal with a user suspected of inappropriate behavior is to use the "Flag" option so that the moderators can review the poster's history and determine if action needs to be taken.</p>

<p>Therefore, we are asking members to refrain from using the term, "t r o l l." The word is now being filtered, so that if a user includes it in a post, it will show up as ****. According to the Terms of Service, <<word filtering.="" the="" forum="" will="" automatically="" filter="" certain="" words,="" including="" many="" swearwords="" as="" well="" websites,="" and="" names="" that="" have="" been="" targeted="" by="" commercial="" promoters="" here.="" please="" do="" not="" attempt="" to="" "spell="" around"="" filter.="" if="" a="" term="" you="" are="" trying="" use="" is="" in="" filter,="" it.="" deliberately="" evading="" our="" cause="" loss="" of="" posting="" privileges.="">> Under this provision, spelling the word with spaces as "t r o l l" (or any other variation, like "trol") is a violation of the rules. If you see asterisks show up in a post for ANY reason, you should edit the word out immediately.</word></p>

<p>Please help us make College Confidential, in the language of the TOS, "a friendly and welcoming place, and one in which members can post without their motives, intelligence, or other personal characteristics being questioned by others." We appreciate your assistance in this manner!</p>