Next year's schedule?

<p>I'm a Junior right now, and I'm thinking about my senior year schedule. I need to take 8 classes.</p>

<p>For sure:
AP calculus AB
AP calculus BC
Research Methods and Techniques (Honors)
AP Biology.</p>

<p>Classes I'm not sure about:
Honors English IV or AP English IV?
Spanish 3 (Honors)
Spanish 4 (Honors)
AP European History
AP Chemistry</p>

<p>Which 4 classes from the list should I pick? I'm thinking about AP Chemistry, but that means I will have to drop Spanish 4. An English class is a must, and I'm leaning toward taking AP European History for the credit and AP exam.</p>

<p>Should I take Spanish 4? My graduation requirements only require me to take Level I and Level II of the same language. I don't want to take too many AP classes because they might be too much for me, but I also don't want to take classes that are not necessary/important to me.</p>

<p>hmm if i were you i would pick ap european, ap chem, and then because you dont want too many ap classes maybe honors english? i think it depends on who your teacher will be and how much homework you will get also maybe? if you know the ap english teacher wont give you a ton of essays maybe you could handle ap english as well. and do you have to take spanish 3 before you take spanish 4? but also be sure to take what you want, not what other people tell you. it depends on your own interests and goals.</p>

<p>good luck with the course selection! i am doing it this week also.</p>

<p>Good luck with AP Chem. I hear that it's so hard it'll make you cry. At least, I would never take it, even if I was paid to...but then I hate science. :)</p>

<p>With that said, I would say dump AP Chem. I'm doing it in two weeks...yay!!! I'm almost a senior!!</p>

<p>Taking Calc AB and Calc BC at the same time? You're not allowed to take both tests in the same year, so why both classes?</p>

<p>haha thats comforting ihateca. im taking it my senior year. did you take normal chemistry as a prerequisite?</p>

<p>Yes I took regular chem. I never took AP, I'm not taking AP, and I don't plan to ever take AP. I despise chem. I really do. By "it" I was referring to course selections.</p>

<p>Chemistry is a killer. I was only in Honors Chemistry last year, and we had a freaking quiz every single day. That was our homework grade. It sucked.</p>

<p>oh that sucks. i am in honors biology this year (sophomore) and i signed up for ap biology next year and ap chem my senior year. the teacher for ap chem is supposed to be good so i hope its ok that i have never taken regular chem. i dont like chem either, but the only ap sciences our school has are biology and chemistry, so i feel like i should take them both. i might change my mind, we'll see.</p>

<p>Seriously, my AP Biology class (which I'm taking right now) is easier to comprehend than my Honors Chemistry class that I took last year. Maybe it's just me, or the subject (or the teacher?)...</p>

<p>"Taking Calc AB and Calc BC at the same time? You're not allowed to take both tests in the same year, so why both classes?"</p>

<p>I have a block schedule. I take 4 classes per semester, so I can take AB in the first and BC in the second.</p>

<p>I know I can't take both exams in the same year.........</p>

<p>so what did you end up signing up for?</p>

<p>I agree, Biology is 110000 times easier to comprehend than chem.</p>

<p>I barely scraped a B in regular chemistry. I could never imagine taking AP!</p>

<p>I LOVE AP Lit. But I agree with the P that said it depends on your teacher. If she assigns more than one essay per novel, you might want to go with the Honors class.</p>

<p>Also depends on where you;re applying for college.</p>

<p>it seriously depends on which subjects u like
personally i like:
AP English IV?
Spanish 3 (Honors)
AP European History
AP Chemistry</p>

<p>but its all up to u :)</p>