No 2250 drop all reach?

<p>Heys guys</p>

<p>My reaches are wustl, uchicago, bryn mawr, bowdoin, and upenn.
Sat: 2100 but will retake however if I can't get a 2250 should I not apply to any of these? </p>

<p>Rank :1/400
6 4&5s AP+8 senior yr</p>

<p>10+ ECs yet no leadership position
No major awards other than nhs, French honor and Spanish honor.</p>

<p>Hooks? 1st gen, 6 languages(counting 5 years Spanish French)</p>

<p>Really appreciate ur advices</p>

<p>Alright, this is how I see it. You are competitive in terms of the grades and scores for UChicago and possibly UPenn. That would be a reach without any sort of extra curricular. There are many things you can do. Maybe run for president of your NHS chapter and initiate a lot of public works projects. Maybe start volunteering at a local soup kitchen. I'm trying to be as positive as possible but leadership positions go a long way. </p>

<p>Absolutely NO clubs? </p>

<p>A 2250 would be a good boost but that whole college ideal of "well roundedness" with the EC's and what not may be what is lacking when it comes to an admissions officer.</p>

<p>No offense but thats a pretty riduculous (I refrained from using "stupid") logic, consdering very few (less than 10) schools are legit "reaches" for a 2250+ SAT. And considering 2250 is like top 1%, most schools have student bodies that didnt reach that arbitrary number you deicded to reach.</p>

<p>With that said, the 2100 isnt your problem; everything else is.</p>