NO IVIES. Sensible schools. Chance an Indian kid. Thank YOU! :)

<p>Hey! I'm a current senior student from India and want to apply to the states for Psychology.</p>

9th grade: 87%
10th grade: 91%
11th grade: 70.4% (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and English all AP level)
12th grade: First term: 84% (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and English all AP level)</p>

<p>SAT 1: 1920 (CR- 630 W-580 M-710)
SAT 2: will give in October (Biology, Physics and Math II/Chem)</p>

Selected to represent India at a international conference in Singapore (80 kids around the world)
Been a member of the Music Society for 7 years (Vocals)
Have played the guitar for over 3 years (Certificate of merit for exemplary performance)
Currently writing a book on Teenage social pressure in India and how to overcome it. Still underway. I doubt I can complete it till i sent in my apps. Although I would be able to provide a writing sample.
Doing research work on the Gender Diversity in India.
Chief Editor for the Biology Magazine
Chief Editor for the Chemistry Magazine
Been a part of the Student Congress for 2 years (Probably the Vice Pres/Secretary this year)</p>

<p>Social work:
Teaching slum children Math, english, science
Teaching underpriviledged children at an NGO</p>

<p>Applying for aid: I'll need NEARLY FULL AID.</p>


Providence College
Union College
Smith College
Dickinson College
Mount Holyoke College
Uminn, Twin Cities
UT Dallas
Illinois, Urbana

<p>Btw, another thing. If I ED at Hamilton, do I have like a MAJOR chance.
And amongst these colleges which one should I ED at to get in like nearly 100%. Your opinion guys, cause I'm an International and have hardly any idea regarding admissions in the State</p>