Non Financial Aid Candidate??

<p>What does this mean? I turned in every single damn paper they asked me to send and now I'm not a candidate??</p>

<p>just call them up.
that Penn Portal thing is not something to rely on</p>

<p>did you ask for financial aid? if you did, then you should call them. if you didn't, it just means that you didn't ask for financial aid</p>

<p>Yeah I did the CSS, FAFSA, the XYZ and the ABC I wonder why they consistently have wrong information on their portal</p>

<p>ohhh bay-area do NOT worry about it. I got the same letter form penn in the mail and the first thing that ran through my mind was, "***!" dare7to7dream is so rite in the fact that penn's portal thing is just screwed up this year. just call and if u did everything that u said u did, ur fine - its their fault. good luck!</p>