Northeastern Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

probably between 5-6:30

5 pm EST onwards, depends on your region

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The fall freshman thing has always been there

see the URL above. it says "PreDecsion ". We’re trying to figure out if that is some kinda indication or not

I’m located in New England and I got the “PreDecision” URL when I logged in.

My daughter has the portal URL bookmarked from back in November - and it always had “PreDecision.asp” at the end

What do you mean? What does it say?

When I logged into my portal, it looked like it usually would. I don’t know if the “PreDecision” URL was always there as I never looked, but from the indication above, it probably has always been there and doesn’t mean anything.

ohhhh okok

some people on ZeeMee have gotten their decisions. It’s definitely today

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I just got in!


Congrats!! Where are you located?

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got into NU Bound
(from boston area, btw)


Waiting fr DS to come home to check his portal.So, not everyone got their decision yet ?

Congratulations!!! Nothing has changed on my daughter’s portal yet, we are in the South East.

Decisions come out in waves. New England first then hourly in other regions.


Hey everyone, I posted this earlier, but Im a first year at Northeastern, and Id be happy to answer any questions about the school, admissions, whatever I can help with.

Good luck all!

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Please read this thread:
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Thank you – this is so unnerving! I think last time (she was deferred) my daughter was one of the last groups to find out.