Northeastern Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Northeastern University offers both Early Decision and Early Action for freshman admissions.

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for Northeastern is November 1.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, Northeastern admitted 550 of the 1,478 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 37.21%.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at Northeastern is November 1.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by January 15. For more information visit the Northeastern University page on College Confidential.

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I edited the post to show that Northeastern’s EDI application deadline is November 1st, not the 15th as was shown before.
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Trying to decide if my son should consider ED1 or if he should apply EA. The net price calculator number looks doable. I know that is not a guarantee, though. So I guess my question is, if he is accepted and the package is nowhere near the NPC, would that be an “out?”

I wouldn’t let my eldest apply ED1 because we couldn’t pay full price, but since going through the college process with him I have seen people talk about using this out without issues?

If you are not divorced and do not own a business, then the NPC should be fairly accurate regarding possible aid. ED is meant to be binding so I think you would need to make a decent case as to why you can no longer attend, as your child would be getting special preference in admissions review with their understanding that you intend to enroll if offered admission. I do understand that some schools do “talk”, so your admission to others schools could be affected if they catch wind that this was just a ruse for ED with no intent on your part to be binding.

We did not allow either of our children to apply ED because we knew we needed aid and we could not commit until we saw their actual offer, not just something on a generic calculator.

I definitely do NOT want to play games/perpetuate a ruse. I guess what I am trying to clarify is if the NPC says an amount that we are comfortable with (no divorce, no self owned business, straightforward and honestly answered), does that mean he can apply ED1 honestly, and if the amount is far off we can back out without it being slimy.

We are headed for a tour/info session soon so will ask when there. Or will give FA a call and ask. Just curious if anyone had experience/input.

I will be honest and say I was disappointed when my eldest did not make it in. 35 ACT/4.14 GPA/solid leadership and EC, etc. I get it, he was deferred EA and waitlisted and eventually didn’t make it in. He is happy and thriving where he ended up, a choice not far behind NEU. But there is a lot to love about NEU and I’m hoping my younger son might have a shot.

If he doesn’t get in, he will be fine and land where he is meant to be.


If you apply ED and the FAFSA/CSS are filled out accurately and the financial aid/merit awarded results in a cost that is higher than what the NPC shows you can back out of the ED agreement.

NEU is incredibly competitive these days. Best of luck to your youngest. You have a good attitude that they’d both be happy where they land. Our experience (two Ds at NEU) was that their original offers were right on the NPC and from following these boards, that seems pretty much the case for straightforward financial situations. I want to say too that for my older D, the NEU FA caught a CSS error i made and helped make a correction in our favor (!) after she was admitted.


Thank you!

Hi, when I run the NPC, there were three scenarios, Low/Best/High. You said "their original offers were right on the NPC ". I was just wondering which NPC you were referring to, the BEST I guess?

Good question. My son did it and I don’t know what he chose. Will run it again this weekend

Can I ask where you see the best/middle/worst scenario? I just ran the NPC for northeastern again and don’t see options for different outcomes. Also, no place to add in gpa/sat. Am I missing something? It just asked parent and student financial info/siblings

Are you using the Norheastern NPC or a third party NPC? The latter are not reliable.

I used the one on the NEU website.

We went for a tour and info session today and I had the chance to chat with an admissions officer there. She said that when ED1 opens there will be a calculator that will be more accurate so we can make a decision based on that. So that is what we will do. My son loved NEU and it’s first on his list at this point.

Also asked about submitting scores or not. He has a good gpa (4.4) and a decent (for most places) SAT (1460). Because the range at NEU is now 1470-1550, she recommended not including the score. I wasn’t sure since it is so close to that 50%. Was glad I had a chance to chat with her.

My son plan to email his rep this week to confirm/ask some more questions he has.

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Wow. Good intel. My son has a 1480 and it never occurred to me not to send it. Thanks!

Its still confusing though, because the new range likely on represents a fraction of those who applied. So they would rather not know, even if your scores are likely above the median for the whole class if the whole class were to take the test. So they want to protect the seemingly inflated scores?


Yeah it’s a little crazy out there right now and both my husband and my son were shocked when I said she said not to send.

She was not the rep for my son’s region and I am encouraging him to reach out to his rep with the same question. But I am betting the same answer will come. In the booklet they gave us, the range for 50% was 1470-1550 so at 1460 his was 10 under.

The visual the rep gave during the information session was to visualize a pizza. Each slice is something about you that sells you in your app. Your essay is a slice, your gpa, your test score, your ec’s, your AP’s, etc. She was adamant that by test of they really mean it…they will assess the application like that slice doesn’t exist. And if that slice doesn’t increase your application, best not to send.

For my son he has a 4.45 weighted gpa, and 8 or 9 Ap classes (so far all 5s). Some solid ec, and will have excellent recs. All really good. The test score, as good as it is, actually drags his app down a bit


@TomSrOfBoston Well, now I know what happened. I run the NPC on MyinTuition where they had three different scenarios. I just run the NPC again on Net Price Calculator, and got only one result this time, the NPC of which is very close to that of the “Best” scenario on MyinTuition. Like you said, neither required the input of GPA/Test Score. The thing is that both are listed on NEU website. It is hard to tell which one is more “legit”.

Also, regarding your son’s 1460 on SAT, is that a super score or one single sitting if I may ask?

Well that explains that. I just did the NPC, not the other. I’m done running numbers u til the ED calculator the admissions rep was talking about is available. It sounds like that will be accurate.

The 1460 was one sitting.

Thanks for the info. I will wait for that ED calculator too.