Northeastern Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

32 superscore. 36 e, 34 r, 29 s, 28 m

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My son is trying to get his application wrapped up so he can get it out. Still a big debate in our house about sending his score (1460).

Would it be a good idea or a bad one to ask his admissions rep this question?

I would have his GC ask the admissions rep, so he would remain somewhat anonymous. My D’s GC did this for her at 2 other schools. She shared the info with us. She gets lots of great perspective because they are talking as peers in a way. Very helpful for us.


Good idea! Did you have yours ask about NEU?

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@mtemmd , no not NEU. She did confirm, though, what we were thinking, and that was for D22 to be test optional at NEU with her 32 ACT. My girl is applying EA, for what it’s worth. Good luck!

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Thank you, and good luck!

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Wondering is anybody know the breakdown of last years ED acceptance rate between ED1 and ED2. Is ED2 significantly lower? Would also like to know if EA has any advantage over Regular.

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Is there a supplemental essay for NEU? IS there an additional essay for honors college at Northeastern University ? I cant find them

Are you all seeing prompts for those?

As far as I know, there are no other essays

Thanks. I will submit for early review, see what they say and figure it out from there.

To anyone wanting to submit the CSS Profile for Early Review, I just discovered that the CSS Profile website is down for maintenance now (12am-7am ET) and will be down for maintenance 10/21, 12am-7am ET. So, if you live on the West Coast, like me, and do work after a late dinner, like me, beware! The website will kick you off at 9pm PT on 10/20.

Hi, another perspective based on my recent “research”. Some people say that kids with slightly lower test scores but strong overall application might be more likely to be admitted to

@dnapier , have you heard anything about finances related to NU in? I looked it up before my D22 completed her application to NU. Our only issue with this program, and it’s a big one, is that it cannot be paid for with federal loans. We take Parent Plus loans, and so my girl had to say that she didn’t want to be considered for it, when it actuality, it would have been fine for her and us to start overseas.

I wonder if NU in is offered to students who fit what you have described but also are not applying for financial aid? Perhaps they do not have financial need according to their Fafsa and CSS Profile? I was thinking that may be the case since you can’t use federal loans. Would like to know if others know about this nuance.

@Winky1, that is interesting about NUin and finances. My kid attended a virtual open house this month and asked a question about how the admission process worked for NUin. They said nothing about financing. The AO said that students don’t apply to NUin, but the admissions office decides if you are a good fit and places you into the program that they think is best. I wonder if Northeastern is looking at the financial aid statements behind the scenes when making this decision.

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Hi, @Winky1 1) We did hear back from their pre-read. The total package is doable for us. 2) I also noted this on their website "While enrolled in the fall semester of The Program, students who apply for financial aid are considered for need-based funding and merit funding. Grants, loans, and work awards from federal and state sources cannot be applied to the fall semester while you are actively participating in The Program. " which is, I believe, your concern. I sent an email to their financial aid office yesterday and haven’t heard anything back yet. 3) Based on my recent “research”, it is said that NEU tends to admit kids who do not need aid ( full pay) into NUin. Nobody knows this for sure, but it is what some people say about NUin. So there are three things: 1) Slightly lower test score, on the low end 2) Overall strong application 3) No aid or little aid needed. The worst case scenario for me is that I am just going to refinance my house. I wouldn’t mind sleeping on the street :slight_smile:


@lll1 IIIL , I absolutely think that finances are a part of NUin, especially since NU is need aware. This is my 3rd child applying to college. Being around the block has made me a bit cynical. It’s very easy for students and parents to get emotionally attached and invested in this process, and it is overlooked that this is also a business. NU is not doing anything wrong. They are need aware, and lots of schools are. They are finding kids for NUin that fit the parameters they have established for that program, and @dnapier is on to this with those past posts.

We do have need, and I learned from my 2nd kid who was applying to lots of super competitive schools, that this 1 factor probably did impact some schools that decided to defer her, offer odd type of acceptances like guaranteed transfers (Cornell) and waiting a year then coming in as a true freshman (really happened, was Case Western Reserve). Another wrinkle is that I believe need blind schools are not need blind after students have been waitlisted (maybe deferred too?). This is what happened at Cornell in my example. After being waitlisted, she was offered the Guaranteed Transfer.

With this current kid, we have talked about trying to be objective. Trying not to be jilted if offered something weird and off-beat as far as an acceptance. To try and think about the offers objectively, and if you really want to go to a certain school, it’s ok to take a gap year, or it’s ok to get to that school differently. I think NU does a great job telling you what the possible decisions may be – it’s not just accepted for fall or being declined. NU has these niche programs that will work for some and not for others. I find it all very interesting.


@Winky1, thank you for the detailed response. This is our first time through the process, and everything between the submitting the application and receiving a decision seems murky. Your descriptions of the different types of acceptances your 2nd kid received is very interesting. I was thinking that this NUin decision process was a real outlier, but it sounds like unusual things can happen at a lot of schools. At least Northeastern is being very upfront about it.


Hi, @Winky1 Here is the response from NU “That is correct. NUin students cannot use federal aid including federal loans during the NUin term. Northeastern may provide an offset grant for the value of a direct subsidized loan for the fall term, if the student is eligible for federal subsidized loan for the spring term. However, if the family needs additional funds, they will need to apply for a private loan that allows use for non matriculated students for the fall term.” They used the word “may”…


More and more schools are offering the sophomore guarantee or spring admission as a way to fill gaps from coops, attrition, the spaces left from a senior who needed one more semester to graduate, etc. it keeps their programs filled, but I imagine is a nightmare to manage. This year at NEU will likely be even more competitive bc their yield was something like 800 overenrolled for this 2021 fall semester. That is a huge overenrollment and will have repercussions for a few years in admissions, housing, etc.


I read that Boston University was 900 students over enrolled this year.

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