Northeastern University's understanding of medical conditions?

<p>Hi! My son and I recently toured Northeastern University and he loves it there! It is his absolute dream college but we are afraid of his chances due to his grades suffering from clinical depression. He was diagnosed at the end of junior year and he has taken many steps to manage it. Nearing the middle of his senior year now he is doing very well. Not his greatest because of all the information he lost from jr. year but pulling a's and b's. It's only getting better too. His gpa is a lot lower than what his true potential is. He is a very bright kid and all his teachers agree. His SATs are also very good. So I would like to know, if anyone knows, how understanding NU is with things like this? We have documentation of the diagnosis and his essay is very well written about how much he has grown from it. He has volunteered around 300 hrs in less than a year as a "career counselor" for unemployed and disabled people and has a vast background with extracurricular activities. He took 4 AP classes and multiple honor classes too, passing all with mostly a's and b's but one c and one d+. He truly is the kindest person I know and every teacher he has had says the same thing. So I think he will receive excellent reviews. However, will NU just through out his application at the first sight of his gpa not reaching their norm?? Thanks for the help :)</p>