Northwestern and UNC Chapel Hill: Which do I have a better chance

<p>I've already applied to Northwestern for early decision at the Medill School of Journalism. If I'm not accepted, I'm planning on applying regular decision to Chapel Hill.</p>

<p>White Female from Virginia</p>

<p>The Good:
Teacher Recommendations (REALLY GOOD)
-Varsity letters in Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, Orchestra, and Academics
-Coach's award in Winter Track
-Student of the Year for AP US History and PE/Health II
-Silver Award in Girl Scouts
-Cashier at Shopper's (grocery store)
-Volunteer at "Healing Strings" (I play violin at the hospital for patients)
-Have taken violin lessons for 11 years
-Play in the Manassas Symphony as their youngest member (most members are 40+)
-Member of Signet
-Writer for school newspaper</p>

<p>The Okay:
SAT Subject Test: US History- 690
Interview with Northwestern Alumni
AP- US History (4) and European History (4)
Honors- Spanish IV, Biology
Currently taking AP Statistics, AP Government, AP Spanish V and Honors Physics</p>

<p>The Really, Really, Ugly:
SAT: CR- 600, Math- 600, Writing- 630
SAT Subject Test: Spanish- 550
GPA: here goes....3.48 BUT it's only because my freshman year was SO awful. I mean like almost straight C's...then sophomore and junior year I had nearly straight A's (a couple Bs and B+s)</p>

<p>Also, I'm kinda poor.
Obviously I don't have a huge chance. I have a chance at all for either?</p>

<p>Chapel Hill - low reach
Northwestern- high target</p>

<p>write good essays explaining your financial situation and how that makes you unique and a good choice for those colleges.</p>

<p>Chance back: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>^ Northwestern is considerably more competitive then UNC is.</p>

<p>^ Not for OOS, UNC OOS is every bit as competitive as Northwestern if not more so.</p>

<p>^ what he said.</p>

<p>yes, UNC is difficult for oos. that is all well and good. but does anyone have any opinions on my original question?</p>

<p>Your chances are pretty iffy at both schools. Even if we take out your poor freshman GPA and say you have a 3.8, you will have only an 1830 SAT, the IRQ from last year was 2010-2270 for Northwestern, well above your scores. You can bet it's similar for OOS UNC admits. Your subject tests are also really poor compared to what NU students usually have, which is 730+. Additionally, your ECs are not spectacular and I believe Medill usually wants to see quite a bit of interest in journalism from applicants. Besides your school newspaper, you don't have anything there. I'm sorry but you're reaching for Northwestern and will likely be rejected. Same with UNC-CH. Your stats may barely get you into UVA as an IS student from an underrepresented region in the state, basically anywhere but NoVa. I'm pretty sure you already do but just in case you don't make sure you get a few safeties.</p>

<p>i've been in the journalism program at my school for 3 years. but considering everything else absymal about my stats i guess we can render that unecessary.</p>

<p>bump bump bump!!!</p>

<p>Both a reach but i guess NorthWestern is your better chance.
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<p>yeah i would just make sure your essays are outstanding :)</p>

^ Not for OOS, UNC OOS is every bit as competitive as Northwestern if not more so.


<p>Even UNC OOS is less competitive than Northwestern.</p>

<p>The UNC's OOS admit rate was 18%, same as Northwestern's. Since their admit rates are the same, any difference would be based on strength of applicant pool. The one that's more prestigious would have the stronger pool.</p>

<p>UNCs OOS rate is 18% because it's the legal limit, says a law in North Carolina and probably the same goes for Northwestern. But in reality UNC is HARD to get into IS, so you better bet it's going to be REALLY competitive OOS. </p>

<p>Anyway to answer your question, I'm sorry but I'd also have to say it's a high reach for UNC just because your OOS. Don't know about Northwestern.</p>