Northwestern Class of 2023 Discussion Thread

@Stgmom Thanks!!! Good luck to you too!!

I was asked to sign up for an interview yesterday (11/5). They said first come first serve so I guess it’s preferable to sign up right away.

Hello everyone,
DS applied to SoC for RTVF via QuestBridge RD.

Any other RTVF or QB folks?

I applied ED! I know they said decisions will come out mid-December, but does anyone have any idea what exact day that will be?

@edgyteen19 @KCHWriter My DS went ED (and got accepted) 4 years ago. Don’t recall why, but the decision was delayed until 12/16 or 17. Those days were truly agonizing. Previously, we had been told they released ED answers on the last Friday of the term at or after 5 pm Chicago time (to let the disappointments cool off before the phone calls would begin on Monday).

TLDR: It’s hard to know. But just know that wherever you end up, you will be happy if you allow yourself to be!

I’m really nervous

I applied ED for economics!!
I have an SAT combined of 800 math and 770 r&w, 4.58 gpa weighted (4.0 unweighted)

  • extracurriculars include giving a TEDx Talk, 4 years of soccer, president of two clubs, 2 honor societies, etc.
    I already had my alumni interview… all that’s left is to wait ughhh

are decisions coming out on the 15th or on the 14th night like last year? does anyone know

probably 14th

I’m also guessing the 14th. But wouldn’t the 13th be nice?! LOL! Looks like it was the 14th last year, which was a Thursday. The sooner the better–put my kid out of her misery!

Do we think they’ll email us soon telling us the date or do we just have to wait until the day of…?

I was admitted through Questbridge match earlier this week and I wish you guys the best of luck!


Last year was the 14th, around 5-6 pm (Northwestern time). That’s what I would base things off.

Does anyone know if early submission for RD (in November) can potentially have an earlier notification (than RD stated date)? is it rolling for RD ?

Did anyone else from RD receive an email about their alumni interviews??


Yes, DS applied RD (Questbridge) and received the alumni interview invitation email today.

im so nervous. I need to know when they’re sending the decisions asap

This week

this is killing me i’ve literally cancelled all my plans for next weekend to allow time for moping hahahaahhaha