Northwestern Class of 2023 Discussion Thread

probably 14th

I’m also guessing the 14th. But wouldn’t the 13th be nice?! LOL! Looks like it was the 14th last year, which was a Thursday. The sooner the better–put my kid out of her misery!

Do we think they’ll email us soon telling us the date or do we just have to wait until the day of…?

I was admitted through Questbridge match earlier this week and I wish you guys the best of luck!


Last year was the 14th, around 5-6 pm (Northwestern time). That’s what I would base things off.

Does anyone know if early submission for RD (in November) can potentially have an earlier notification (than RD stated date)? is it rolling for RD ?

Did anyone else from RD receive an email about their alumni interviews??


Yes, DS applied RD (Questbridge) and received the alumni interview invitation email today.

im so nervous. I need to know when they’re sending the decisions asap

This week

this is killing me i’ve literally cancelled all my plans for next weekend to allow time for moping hahahaahhaha

lol same. cancelled plans for all of winter break so i can mourn my decision/start supplements

Where else are you guys applying??

@ishmuk7707 Northwestern is my #1 choice and I hope I don’t have to apply anywhere else, but I in the back of my mind I have around two safeties (such as IIT and DePaul), and many other reach schools (including UCs and an Ivy or two).

Only 5 (or 6) days left and good luck to everyone!!!

last year they posted on thursday 14th, the year before wednesday the 14th, the year before that monday the 14th… so it’ll probably be released on friday but possibly thursday?

Good luck to you, too, @tiger!=vegetarian! I’m so ready for my daughter to find out, one way or the other. This is going to be a crazy week! Fingers crossed for all of you. I’m still holding out hope that they’ll surprise us with notification on Thursday!

Hey everyone, I’d love some feedback here. I think I have a shining application, although I forgot to follow through with the interviews even though I had the opportunity to. The website says that it won’t impact my application, but what do you guys think?

Thats kinda how i am. im not doing any ivys because i’m barely good enough to even THINK about NU lol. I did a ton of UCs because that’s where everyone from my area applies lol