Northwestern econ or NYU Stern finance?

<p>need some advice on transfer.
I am a rising junior at a 30-40 university. Applied to transfer, got accepted by NYU Stern and Northwestern. Can't make up my mind...I like finance, but I am not sure if I want to go find a job right after I graduate from college. I haven't really made up my mind what to do after I graduate.. can't decide betweetn work/go to grad school/phd.
I am a econ and math major in my current school. If going to NYU Stern, I wouldn't be able to finish my math major since there are a lot of business core courses to catch up with. I heard Stern has a really good career center.. i dont know if it is true that Stern does have such a big reputation on the Wall Street. I def want to get into Ibanks someday, but not sure if right after undergrad is the perfect time.</p>

<p>If you want to work finance in NYC Metro Area straight out of school and not have to worry about grad school/PhD, NYU Stern is probably the better option. To be fair, I think Stern's Wall Street reputation is a tiny bit overexaggerated on these boards. A Northwestern Econ/Math degree would still be excellent for Wall Street/NYC, too, in addition to providing the versatility that a liberal arts degree offers. So IMO, if you have any uncertainties about what you want to go into after graduation, I'd probably recommend Northwestern. Neither is a bad choice by ANY means, but a Stern degree is pre-professional/vocational and Northwestern is liberal arts.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice, nyyankees2012</p>