Northwestern Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admissions

My Kiddo did NOT receive it.

The email from “CLAVE” says it is to recruit black and latino students.



Yeah, I’m latino so it makes sense. But the way they worded it seems odd?

I agree; it seems odd that they (CLAVE) are “recruiting” students (black and latino, in this case) who have already applied, but have not been admitted.

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Yeah exactly, it’s very odd but it’s nice that they are emailing us about POC experiences at Northwestern

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I know this might be a little late but I never had the opportunity to apply for an interview? I live on west coast were we supposed to? I got the memo they just reached out if they were available.

I think they are finished
We applied and followed up on it and they finally said that they could not do it, but that it will be recorded that we did request it
We are also on the West Coast

It would probably be too late to reach out now then right?

I think so

They said that it is informational only

Does anyone have an idea on which day to expect decisions?

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I did and it was awesome we became friends(:


There website says early April. That’s is pretty late, isn’t it? Hopefully it comes out sooner than April


College Kickstart has it as 3/26. Not sure how reliable they are though.


Long shot, but trying to think positively… will Northwestern have in person accepted students day this year? If so, any idea when?

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They tend to be relatively reliable. If I remember correctly the past 2 years were 3/25 and 3/24 so it would make sense that it would be 3/26 this year


That’s an interesting one. I know that they moved some (or all) of the summer programs virtual so it is possible that accepted students day is virtual as well. Also wouldn’t be surprised if there was both an in person and virtual option for those who can’t/don’t want to travel.

I haven’t seen anything about an accepted students day in the materials my son has received so far (accepted ED.) Looks like there isn’t anything in person until September.

I think I read somewhere that students could visit on their own, but there wasn’t an “accepted students day” set. It’s all a bit of a blur though. Congrats to your kid! Mine is hoping…