not a great test taker

<p>Hi everyone-
I did horribly on my SAT's 1040/1600 or 1610/2400. I'm an honor student and only scored 480 on the CR portion of the exam...that was 2nd try! Ugh! Math was 560, writing 570.
Anyway GPA 90.3 weighted. Leadership extra curriculars- peer leadership, freshman orientaion commitee, and captain of the cheerleading team.</p>

<p>Am I sunk for schools like UMass, URI, Towson? Not reaching for the stars here, but that CR score is a mess. I really do not want to sit again for the SAT's. What do you think??</p>

<p>I did even worse.
I am an IB world student. Full AP/IB course load.
It was a bad day, no more excuses.</p>

<p>Why don't you purchase the Official Study Guide, and sit down for a few hours every day to take practice tests?</p>

<p>Pace yourself and learn from your mistakes.</p>

<p>I took a prep course! I have test anxiety sometimes and both times I broke out in red blotches! LOL. I guess I can try a private tutor next time around... if I decide I want to put myself through that again!</p>

<p>You're really not in too bad of shape for those schools. Your SAT is towards the lower end but those three schools care more about grades than test scores. Just put in a little study time and try to get your CR above 500. </p>

<p>Did you try to completely finish every question on the SAT? If so, slow down and don't worry about finishing, you can improve your score into the upper 500's/lower 600's by getting more of the easier questions right and losing less points on the hard ones.</p>

<p>thanks nd!</p>

<p>DO you live in RI? You wont have any trouble with URI</p>

<p>leave the hard ?'s blank...r u randomly guessing where u don't know?...that could be a problem. :)</p>

<p>Take the ACT. It tests what you have learned in school not your supposed aptitude.</p>

<p>hayze, try the ACT. Also see if there are some test optional colleges that interest you. Google fair test. That website has a list of test optional schools and some more details about what they might require or not require.</p>