Not HYP but still a dilemma – UofR or Fordham

<p>My D is trying to decide between U or Rochester or Fordham.
She will be out of the country the entire month of April so can
not visit and didn’t visit beforehand. Oddly enough she is drawn to both the open curriculum of UR and the strict core classes at Fordham. She wants a traditional college campus experience with the opportunity to be involved in clubs and intramural sports. She is undecided in her major but is leaning toward International Relations, Political Science and/or Women’s Studies.
Financial aid is similar for both.</p>

<p>Any help, thoughts, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Rochester has one of best Poly Sci programs in the country. Very nice campus although not spectacular. Lots of clubs and itramural activities. U of R is a much more selective school than Fordham, much better academics.</p>

<p>U of Rochester seems much preferable to Fordham.</p>

<p>I would second the suggestion for the U of R. I went there a number of years ago and thought I got a great education. There are also lots of extracurricular activities to get involved in. If your daughter is interested in a core like curriculum, she can easily construct one to her liking at Rochester. However, the city of Rochester can not compete with New York for excitement or things to do. If your child wants more of a collegiate campus and less of a city, U of R is the way to go. The campus is very nice, with many beautiful buildings, but not as beautiful as some, i.e. the U of chicago where my child attends. P.S. Rochester means a lot to graduate schools and future employers.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input. Rochester's strength in Poly Sci is a draw plus we heard they are adding an IR degree this year. I've also read good things about Fordham, but my take is that it's a commuter school and worry that D would be left alone on weekends. I know that there are others in her situation so it may not be so bad.<br>
Anyone else have more input? A good word about Fordham?</p>