Not so normal University of Virginia spring transfer applicant

<p>Hello All, so in high school my GPA was horrible not the normal oh man I got at 2.9 GPA im talking about .99 :( horrible I know so I graduated high school this past Jan. And started CC soon after and after I finish summer classes I will have 31 Credits at a 4.1 Gpa and im going to he retaking my SATs to try and bring up my math score anywho the question is.. Could I possible have a duane at getting in? I also I've been taking class that goes with Virginia's arts and sciences recommend course work.</p>

<p>My Stats
HS Gpa .99
CC Gpa 4.1 31 credits and that's with out next semsters 17 credits </p>

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<p>Sent from my DROIDX using CC App</p>

<p>You should make an appointment with the Transfer Counselor at your CC and ask about this. If you are at one of the CCs in Virginia, they should be able to help you plan your classes so that you qualify for one of the guaranteed transfer programs. Ask about transferring with less than a full Associates degree. If you are not at a VA CC, ask your transfer counselor about his/her experience helping students transfer to UVA and similar colleges/universities.</p>

<p>Many colleges/universities won't look at your HS record once you have 30 CC credits, and more won't ask for it if you will be enrolling with two full years at the CC. Usually they won't ask for the ACT/SAT scores either. Do check the websites of your target colleges/universities to find out their specific requirements. You also should read through the information in the Transfer Forum. Start with the thread titled "Transfer Admissions 101" that is at the top of that forum. Here is a link: Transfer</a> Students - College Confidential</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>