nov sat scores are up for some

<p>just wanted to tell u that my friend called me 5 min to tell me his sat scores were up on the collegeboard website. i checked but mine weren't up. so some scores are already up. btw i live in so. cal.</p>


<p>dont believe me then.</p>


<p>Don't believe your friend then</p>

<p>I heard that some people can see their scores on Sunday, when they click on "Send Scores to Colleges."
This never happened to me, and I doubt it does for other internationals.</p>

<p>one server holding the June scores did allow an early peek if one clicked on send scores to colleges, but that was a big error in the CB system, and not likely to be repeated again.</p>

<p>if they all ready have them then why don't they give them to us now!!!</p>

<p>their server would clog from the massive influx of people and people would keep checking every few minutes if their scores weren't up. Not good for the IT department.</p>