Nova, American or Stonehill ???

<p>Help me help my daughter!</p>

<p>Liberal arts; final three down to:</p>

<p>Villanova $46K ($4K grant)
American $50K (zero)
Stonehill $32K ($12K grant)</p>

<p>Any input would be appreciated.TIA</p>

<p>This isn't a thread about smoked salmon?</p>

<p>Nova hands-down!</p>

<p>Nova...but I don't know much about Stonehill.</p>

<p>If your daughter liked American AND Villanova, she should note that the atmosphere is incredibly different. While I'm not going to say Villanova isn't liberal, it is Catholic and does have a strong religious representation with some religious promotion on campus. American is very liberal and even though it is classified as Methodist, there is little sign of religion on campus or even, really, in the student body. If your daughter is comparing these two, make sure she won't be uncomfortable on one side or the other.</p>