NROTC Scholarship

<p>I am a rising high school senior and I am currently going through the process of applying for a Nurse-option NROTC Scholarship, what do you think my chances are? </p>

-Top 5% of class
-4.1 GPA
-All AP classes and I have passed all the AP exams I have taken thus far
-Awards for being in the top ten percent and having really good grades
-ACT- (I went into my SAT and ACT with no studying lol) Composite: 28, English: 26, Math: 26, Reading: 29, Science: 30, Combined English/Writing: 28 (Essay: 11)
-SAT- Critical Reading: 670, Math: 650, Writing: 710, Multiple Choice: 68, Essay: 10</p>

-Varsity swim team: grades 9, 10, 11, 12 (and I have lettered all four years). I will also be team captain next year.
-Varsity dive team: grade 9
-Cheerleading: grade 9
-Letters: 5 (including the one I will earn this upcoming year, but so far I have earned 4)</p>

<p>Non-Athletic Extra-Curriculars
-Girl Scouts: Bronze and Silver Awards (my mom made me do this one but I definitely am glad I did now because it looks good on applications!)
-Youth Group for my church</p>

-French Club (officer this past year and next year)
-I have worked part-time as a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor for my city since the end of my sophomore year (so about a year and a half so far) year-round. </p>

<p>Community Service
-25+ hours every summer for helping run a summer camp
-Service hours for SPCA and NHS opportunities
-Working towards Green Chord for this next year</p>

-Swim Team Captain (next year, but I've already been appointed)
-French Club Committee Representative (Grade 11)
-I work as a water safety instructor so I'm in charge of running my swim lessons
-I am one of a small group who runs a camp every summer for a week</p>

<p>(I'm sure there's other stuff to mention but I seem to be brain-dead at the moment.)</p>

<p>I have been talking to my recruiter (who is also an NROTC coordinator by the way) and he wants to recommend me for ISR, or immediate acceptance. I'm slightly skeptical, but after some research I've found some people have earned their scholarship this way. I'm nearly done with my application and my recruiter wants to finish the application by the end of this month to get me on the August board. I also have grades more than acceptable enough to get into my top five choices. He told me I'm a good candidate (good grades, athletic, no police record/drug use, etc.), but of course recruiters will say anything to get people to join the military. Would I stand a decent shot at getting the scholarship even if I may not actually get the "automatic acceptance"? Any help would be much appreciated! :)</p>

<p>Hi EmilyKay. I've just read your post (10/5) and am wondering if you finished your application? I could not figure out why you were hesitating to complete it. Were you hesitant to commit to the military?</p>

<p>Wow, I received an ISR with roughly equal stats. Go for it! I think your leadership will significantly help you. In addition, as long as you do well on the ISR interview you will be given the scholarship. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the response, I've forgotten to check back. I completed my application in late August and as of present (2/10) I haven't heard anything back. I'm getting very restless! I've been accepted to all of my colleges and even most of the actual nursing schools, which you normally apply for after your second year. I guess the positive outlook is that I haven't been denied! Only 15% of the scholarships can go to Tier 3 majors so I just need to be patient. I hope to hear back really soon!</p>

<p>and @trickywolffe, since you received an ISR you have already received your ISR correct? Do you know how long after selection that you have to have your military physical?</p>