<p>Which schools have good Nursing programs?</p>

<p>How about being a bit more specific - part of the country especially - since there are hundreds of good nursing programs.</p>

<p>I'm in Chicago</p>

<p>Case Western Reserve U has one of the top nursing schools in the country</p>

<p>it woudn't matter that much....coz the demand is just way up.</p>

<p>the important thing is to pass the state exam after ur B.S. ...and after that u will be geting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$</p>

<p>my auntie is a nurse. My aunt studied in India (has a B.S.)...she gets around 45$ per hour.
she passed the state exam. i don't think ur school matters.....
(she has about 20 years experience) .
i think the startin salary right out of school is around 25 dollares per hour.</p>

<p>the average salary is in 30s and 40s per hour</p>

<p>Your school will matter somewhat if you are hoping to work at a large teaching hospital. They tend to pay the most in my area and we look very carefully at the academic records and schools attended of the RNs we hire</p>

<p>You're in Chicago?? UIC is the top nursing school in the state and number five in the country. The program is ridiculously competitive though..500 something applications for less than 100 spots. I'm a junior in the program. Email me if you want to know anything.</p>