NYU Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

I might be wrong lol but I heard that we are supposed to check 4-5 days before December 15 because they will start updating the housing portal

My housing says ¨no application available¨ too. I’m applying to Tisch drama

Other than changes in the housing portal and button, has anyone checked if the email hack or FA change is working?

I haven’t tried the email hack because I only have the stern email and not the Tisch email, is the Tisch email the same as stern but the email address is says Tisch instead of stern?

I don’t think the email thing works for any other school because only Stern has its own email domain. The others are simply nyu.edu.

Has the Stern email thing worked for anyone that applied to Stern?


Good non-NYU news for my son: He was admitted to Fordham. They sent Massachusetts acceptances early because there’s a reception in Boston with the university president on Dec. 16. We’ll know the day before whether we’ll be attending. Still hoping for NYU, of course, but it’s great to have his second choice all set if needed.


Sounds like NYU decisions will be released on the 12/15…

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For those of you who see “no application available” on the housing page, can you please describe what your page looks like? TIA

I have J-term and both Spring term and Academic year showing undergrad waitlisted. One of my classmates has no app, and the other has J term only. I don’t think it means anything before the checklist and personal info update boxes disappear which should only a few hours before the decision comes out.



my stern email worked - did anyone elses?

how do you find out your stern email? As in what’s the format?

Where do you log in with the email?

netid@stern.nyu.edu on gmail login

netid@stern.nyu.edu on gmail login. if it redirects then it works

Im unable to ugh

Weird, I didn’t apply to Stern and I can’t log in over Google, but if I put the email into an email checker site it verifies it as working, unlike when I just put in just my netid@nyu.edu.

email checker sites are probably just fake ig?

Anyway congrats that’s a great indicator!