NYU Stern vs BU Eng -transfer help!

<p>So this is my first time posting on this site and i need some advice on which college to choose. </p>

<p>Im a freshman currently attending BU and probably going to major in comp eng. I got straight As in pretty much in all my courses so far and then I got accepted into Stern but iono if its worth it. I got 47k in loans and grants and I live in nyc, but most of it is loans(30k). Im not sure what ill get for BU soph yr but I had to take out ~6k in loans and my parents had to pay 4k this yr. Im not sure where to go since Im afraid ill be in crzy debt if i go to stern and since didnt take some basic courses for stern freshman i mite be a few credits beyond. I just want to have a good job when i get out of college. </p>

<p>-So my questions are:
Is Stern worth it compared to BU eng in my case?</p>

<p>-Are there any stern transfers that lack basic some courses intially and if so how hard was it to catch up? so far i took a 1 yr of writing, micro,marco, 1 yr of cal, 1sesmester of physics, and i have credit (according to a ap equavlency table) for chem, world and us hist. </p>

<p>-Anyone know how the Federal PLUS loan works becuz most of my loans comes from that.</p>

<p>The Stern program is tough, but I don't think it is tougher than an engineering program at a well-established university like BU. So, I think there's a big chance that you will hurdle the Stern program very well. </p>

<p>But is it worth its price? </p>

<p>Yes; I think so. Stern is one of the top undergrad business programs in the country. It has a very high employment rate and it has one of the highest salary scale in the US. I'd take chances of going to Stern, if I were you.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>