<p>I still cannot view my financial aid Award Status on Albert (which was supposed to happen on April 1) or apply for housing (which was supposed to happen today). Anyone else having the same issue? I just want to make sure its not just me.</p>


<p>Yeah I'm hoping its up by tonight</p>

<p>my housing stuff works but can't view the award status</p>

<p>yeah mine works now but award stuff is not up yet</p>

<p>Well now there's an error and the housing form wont load</p>

<p>yea wont load for me either</p>

<p>Ok, I got it to work, but now another problem!! When I submitted my application, it gave a summary of what I chose- I requested Apartment Style and it said that I requested Traditional...I tried it a few times, and same thing- definately a glitch going on...anyone else get this?</p>