Oberlin v. Case Western

<p>So I've heard a lot about these two schools, and they're in state as well. I'm going for the pre-medical route but I also would like to m\major in Gender Studies/Humanities. I've heard a lot about Oberlin being very diverse in their sexuality. I'm totally open to new things but I don't know how comfortable I'd be. CWRU seems to hold the best of the best students so I don't know how well I'd fit in. Which college would be best for my major/route? Thanks!</p>

<p>It's hard to imagine two less similar places. I'd say visit both and decide on the basis of where you feel most comfortable. </p>

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<p>If you decide that you are more of a fit with Oberlin than with Case Western, take a look at Grinnell and Macalester as well - one rural and one urban LAC with some overlap in the campus culture. If Case Western is the better fit, than those three may not be your best options.</p>

<p>You can do pre-med anywhere. For gender studies, I'd go with Oberlin which would be a little more weighted towards social sciences and humanities. Case Western is more of a science/tech-heavy school, though they do have good programs over a borad range of academic fields.</p>

<p>If such things matter to you:</p>

<p>Average % of financial need met:
Oberlin 100%
Case Western 90% (but like many schools that don't meet 100% of need, Case Western does give merit scholarships)</p>

<p>4-year graduation rate:
Oberlin 73%
Case Western 63%</p>