Odu, vcu, or norfolk

<p>These are the schools I have narrowed down to due to COA, programs offered and distance. I have been accepted into ODU, but I am still waiting to here back from the rest. What do you guys have to tell me about each of these schools to help with my decision...i'm leaning a little towards ODU</p>

<p>I am in Boston, but went to Northeastern and am dating someone from Virginia so have some exposure to these schools. My understanding is that it goes VCU then ODU then Norfolk in terms of academic reputation with a fair amount of gap in between. If you want to do anything related to medicine/health VCU is a clear winner, but if you want to do something more engineering related that is where ODU excels more. I am pretty sure VCU is the only school even addressed in US News rankings, which is also indicative of a better reputation.</p>

<p>Not sure what you mean by Norfolk, but as to ODU and VCU, both are obviously city schools that are trying very hard to improve their academic reputation, and each has programs which are stronger than the other. VCU's engineering program is starting to really take off, its business program is pretty decent and of course with its connection to MCV, its medical/health fields are very well-regarded. What are you looking into studying?</p>

<p>vcu and odu had great campuses when i visited them. vcu is better academic school, but i think odu is trying to improve theres.</p>

<p>my major is information technology, particularly computer forensics field/ cyber security</p>

<p>idk, vcu has like brand new engineering buildings i think, so i would assume they have the best facilities.. i wouldnt go to norfolk. leave it between odu or vcu.... richmonds a fun and great city.. u have a tough choice. i loved odus atomsphere and the city was great..</p>