% Of State Supported Funding For Public Colleges

<p>anybody want to throw out some numbers for the public schools that they know about and compile a list?</p>

<p>I know that this year 12% of Clemson's funding will be from the state of South Carolina. Can't wait for the tuition raising news later this week!!</p>

<p>University Of South Carolina 10.9%</p>

<p>oh and if you know also, list the tuition for your college next year (in-state) and if you know, say the percent increase from last year</p>

<p>University Of South Carolina, up 6.9%, $9,786
College Of Charleston, up 14.75%, $10,314
University Of Massachusetts, up 15.8%, $11,732</p>

<p>A lot can depend on the base you use. If they have a big university run hospital do you count that or take it out. How anout dorms the school runs. Some schools have rooms for over 20,000 and others only house 6000. Again impacts the non-education related base. Sports--same deal. Outside funded research--usually Federal--same.</p>