Official Chemistry January 2005

<p>What did you guys think?</p>

<p>It was pretty easy, not sure of maybe 5-7 of them. hopefully 800</p>

<p>who else took the test? what was the answer to the one that was like "which of the following would be least helpful in finding the concentration of an acid?", i narrowed it down to either thermometer or erlenmeyer and i put erlenmeyer.</p>

<p>its thermometer. Erlenmeyer flask is used in titrations.</p>

<p>damn it, how many TTCE's did people get? I got 3</p>

<p>somewhere there...3 or 4...i believe i also got a lot of False....damn my short term memmory.</p>

<p>what was the answer about why the alkene was a gas but the alcohol was a liquid? i put huydrogen bonds, wasnt sure though.</p>

<p>i put that too.....was kind of cool in that the question cleared my doubts about CH4 in the beggining of the test...</p>

<p>Did anyone else get a lot of F, T?</p>

<p>was the natural gas one CH4?</p>

<p>oh and what is bigger, heat of fusion or vaporization?</p>

<p>God... I bombed it...
Heat Vap > Heat Fusion b/c of the entropy change difference.
I got about 4 TTCE, and a lot of false's, and I think I got no TT not CE.</p>

<p>Overall was easy to everyone unfortunately...
I didn't use ANY preparation. In fact, I didn't do ANY chemistry since last year's AP.
It's amazing how I can miss something like mole->molecules constant.(even forgot what it's called)</p>

<p>Is there any penalty for guessing wrong?</p>

<p>yes, a penalty of 1/4 for every wrong answer.</p>

<p>I am not sure about those T/T/CE questions though.</p>

<p>Whew... that's... a relief...
I wasted A LOT of time on TTCE questions... (It's 3 questions packed together -_-)
My science Fall Final was 120q for 105+unlim minutes.
And my 1st test was Math1, which I had time to go over the whole thing to check.
I guess I got too lazy with time limit...
Hopefully it's 740+...</p>

<p>What do you guys think the curve will be?</p>

<p>I'd also like to know what the curve is like on this, generally speaking. I'm trying to decide whether I should take Chem or US History.</p>

<p>Barron's says that it's a 75/85 RAW= 800 curve, and receding 700 is tough (low 60's). My general observation has been that a moderate-easy test like this one has a curve of about 78=800...70=760, etc. U.S. History is reputed to be an easy test too, but since I haven't taken it, I could not say. Chemistry, esp if you've taken AP, can be mind numbingly easy.</p>

<p>I hope the curve is nicer than that... I know of 3 i got wrong and 1 omit so far. eek</p>

<p>oh there was another one i wasnt sure of, that roman numeral question with the flask & dropper apparatus connected to the mercury column. I dont really remember it but the roman numerals were like Pressure of the gas, Vapor pressure of the liquid, and Volume of the flask. what did you guys get?</p>

<p>w00t - I got those two right! Insanely easy - I only needed a week to self-study half the test!</p>

<p>As for alkane Q: Hydrogen bonds, the other responses made absolutely no sense at all.</p>

<p>Ok, but I struggled with the laboratory Q's a bit: self-study doesn't help with laboratory Q's. WHat about H20 + NaCaCO3 in HCl solution? WHat were the products? I didn't know - so I guessed CO2 + H20. D, based on something I rememberd from the real subject tests.</p>

<p>Also, did anyone find the very last TTCE questin very confusing? I just put TTCE. I think I got a lot of T on the last column...</p>