Official Jan. 26 countdown thread/ comments on test


<p>Why would you want to countdown to the SAT?</p>

<p>January 26 is my first SAT!</p>

<p>All my time wasted on College Confidential will then pay off.</p>

<p>If I don't make a 2100+, I'm going to be unhappy. If I don't make a 1800+, I'm going to shoot myself. (Nice knowing everyone! ;))</p>

<p>yea I'm taking it for the first time too. I've been studying all winter break up to now. It sucks cus this weekend is a 4 day weekend and all my friends are calling me to do stuff but I have to sadly refuse cus of the damn SAT. I wish it was yesterday...</p>

<p>Me2, first time -_-. I've studied a decent amount during winter break, but I expect a score between 2000~2150. I'd be THRILLED with a 2200, since that would mean that I can kiss, or rather, burn goodbye to my SAT books, which would be very satisfying... mmmm. BTW, if I took 5 real timed BlueBook practice tests, and scored between a range of 1950~2200, would my prediction be fairly accurate?? (the BB curve is stupid. It makes me really disoriented and confused about about my score. I mean, a difference of 1950 and 2200 is a considerable difference)</p>