Official MAth IC

<p>Hey, what did you guys think? the cube tripped me up for a couple of seconds.</p>

<p> did for me...what was the answer?</p>

<p>The questions with the bus fair and value thing...that was a lil hard too</p>

<p>the cube was 4, and the bus one i used regression on my calculator to find the equation, it was 475</p>

<p>I put 8 for the cube...the answer i put to the bus one didnt have a 475</p>

<p>hmm mabey it wasent 475, w/e my calculator gave me i put down, dont remember the exact number then.</p>

<p>the cub is definatly 4, 6 faces on 6 sides that arent shared, plus 2 on every edge that isent shared, plus the 8 corners is 60, since there are 64 total cubes and 60 on the outside then there are 4 in the middle</p>

<p>wasn't it 4 on each side?</p>

<p>edit: i think ur right...there goes my perfect at like a 47.5 raw score</p>

<p>yeah your right, there goes my perfect 800,</p>

<p> my raw score is at a 48.9 - cuz ur prolly right on the bus one...i didnt have a clue..and made up my own lil thing...didnt use linear regression for that</p>

<p>What did you guys get for this one: "what is the value of f(x) if f(2x-1)=x..." or something like that?</p>

<p>Here's a tip:
whenever the f(of anything) = x, then you know the f(x) = f^-1(x) (f inverse) - something like bad at explaining things</p>

<p>No, it's okay, I get it now! Thank god, I guessed right....well, I'll call it guessing, because my method certainly was unorthodox :rolleyes:</p>

<p>how'd you guys do?
me=700 ;-/</p>