**Official Native American discussion thread**

<p>Discuss anything pertinent to admissions, scholarships, etc. involving a Native American heritage.</p>


<p>lulz, there are probably like 2 natives americans on CC</p>

<p>good luck finding native Americans to discuss lol.</p>

<p>Native Americans and African Americans receive ridiculously biased scholarships for no good reason. Why can’t there be any financial aid for a middle-class white male? I call racism.</p>

<p>^I don’t think that’s the type of discussion OP was looking for. Take dat bullshnit to da Race in Admissions forummmmm</p>

<p>I’m a quarter native American but also very pale, why is that? It really gets my goat.</p>

<p>Yeaaaaaaa. I was thinking more of an admission-based discussion. SAT-boosts for us, etc.</p>


<p>I just did that to attract more Natives, heheehe. It worked I guess. But seriously, people, start talking! Let’s make this interesting and productive.</p>

<p>There are certain schools where it can really help (Dartmouth, Columbia, Stanford,Cornell)
I won’t say you don’t have to have good grades & test scores, but it is an advantage. I believe it is better for male Natives than female. Harvard is a tough nut to crack on this subject.</p>