oh no not another "what are my chances" post! plz read

<p>Hi, thanks for taking your time to read my post. </p>

<h2>My list of colleges: (note: I will be applying to the Engineering school for all of the colleges)</h2>

Princeton (ED) (Legacy)

U of Michigan
Boston U
U of Wisconsin-Madison

<h2>My Stats:</h2>

<p>-SAT I: 1420 (V-680, M-740)
-SAT II: Japanese-800, Math IIC-800, Physics-780, Writing-660 (doh!)</p>

<p>-GPA: 3.72 (weighted) out of a 4.0 scale - I don't know what my unweighted is and I don't think my school calculates it. I have a huge rising trend (freshman: 3.4, Sophmore: 3.6, Junior:4.0).
-Class rank: my school doesn't do class rank. I'm in the top 30% right now, but probably will be in the top 15% by the end of my first semester senior year. (the only thing above the top 15% is the top 2% at my school)
-School: It's a very competative school located in Japan. About 130 students are in my grade.
-APs: AP Physics B (5), AP Chemistry (5), AP Calc BC (pending, but probably a 5. Everybody who takes this class at my school is almost guarenteed a 5), AP Euro (pending), AP Bio (pending)
-course load:
Very rigorous. Only about 2 people every year graduate with more than 6 AP credits. I have 5 APs. It is virtually impossible for someone at my school to take an AP/honors course before their Junior year. My school has an 8 block schedule, 4 blocks per day. The next day is the other 4 blocks.
-course load breakdown:
English 9
Accelerated Geometry
JNL 103 (Japanese as a national language)
Physical Ed
Asian Studies
Basic Physics
Concert Band</p>

English 10
Acc Algebra 2 and Trig
JNL 104
P.E. and Health
Modern world history
Basic Biology
Wind Ensemble</p>

English electives
Acc Precalc
JNL 105
AP Chemistry (honors)
AP Physics (honors)
US History
Jazz Band</p>

English electives
AP Calc BC (honors)
AP Biology (honors)
AP Euro (honors)
Advanced JNL A
Jazz Band</p>

<p>-Race: bicultural Japanese American, I'm applying as a US citizen though
-I'm a male and I'm a senior.</p>

<p>-ECs:(probably not as good as some other CCers out there)
JV/V Soccer (4 yrs) (goal keeper)
1st Trumpet (6 yrs but can only put 4 yrs on application)
Pit band for musicals (3 yrs)
Skiing (all my life, can only put 4yrs)</p>

<p>-Awards: (they're pretty weak huh)
National Honor Society (2 yrs)
Sports Academic Achievement (4 yrs)
Sportsmanship award (1 yr)
PhysicsBowl 2004 Top Scorer. I was first in my class. (1 yr)</p>

Helping out Senior citizens (2 yrs) (about 2 hrs/week)
Historic architecture preservation (2 yrs) (about 2.5 hrs/week)
Helping out the mentally handicapped (2 yrs) (about 2 hrs/week)</p>

I do two jobs that the school offers. One i do every school day for about 1.5 hrs and the other i do about 3 hrs / week</p>

<p>Phew. So, what are my chances at each school? You can be brutally honest to me! I'm esp. interested in if I'll get into Cornell. I hope I haven't missed anything... I want to thank you again for taking the time to read my post.</p>


<p>is this ken?</p>


<p>Well, you've already sorted out what are the reaches and what are the safeties. Your assessment looks correct to me.</p>

<p>By the way, your 800 on SAT II Japanese doesn't count because it's your native language. Sometime I wonder if some admission would find that annoying because if I were one, it would seem like someone is toying with me and expecting me to gullibly believe in something when it doesn't prove anything.</p>

<p>In at Princeton because of your f***in leagacy</p>

<p>Thanks for your input Sam Lee. I didn't think the Japanese score would be a wow for the admission officers, but I took it 'cause I didn't think it would hurt.
If I don't get into princeton, how much of a chance do I have at Cornell? (percentages would be cool).
Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>It's really hard to put a numerical %; your chance at Cornell to me is average; your scores are a bit above theirs and your perfect score on math 2c and close-to-perfect score on physics should help. However your ECs are a bit weak. I think it'll come down to your essay(s) in which you have the chance to differentiate yourself from the others.</p>

<p>Your chance at Princeton in a way depends on what kind of alumnus your dad/bro or whatever.....has been. There's difference between a significant donor and someone whose status as alumnus is known only through database/achives.</p>

<p>Thanks Sam Lee for your incisive comments.</p>

<p>I'm still welcoming other peoples' opinions though...</p>

<p>HUGE bump!</p>


<p>You have good credentials. I would drop Dartmouth, Swarthmore and BU from your list. They are no good in Engineering.</p>

<p>I attended Michigan (undergrad) and Cornell (grad). I would recommend Michigan over Cornell for Engineering. </p>

<p>Princeton is a super reach. Michigan and Cornell are reach/matches and Wisconsin is a good match/safety. I would apply to Purdue as a full proof safety.</p>

<p>hey, thanks Alexandre. I know princeton is still a super reach even with my ED and my legacy. In other words, my response to the rejection letter from princeton will be "duh." Anyway, I'm not 100% sure I want to go into Engineering yet, so I wanted a school that has a good engineering program and a good liberal arts program. I've thought about purdue, but I have decided that I wouldn't apply there. Thanks for your concern though.</p>

<p>Anybody else have a comment? Does anybody want to give a percentage on my chances at each school?</p>

<p>SInce you people like percentages, here you go!
PTON: 30 % (based on your credentails, you should have a 5%)
Cornell 33.444555%</p>

<p>Hope that's helpful!</p>

<p>thanks for the reply ahimsa. For cornell you put 33.444555% (haha,nice number). Only that much? Does anybody else think that I only have a 33% chance? Do I have more??? I appreciate your comments! (Plz be brutally honest)</p>

<p>I've got similar stats like u...im studying in Korea with an 8 block schedule with similar restrictions, except my SAT is 70 points lower :(</p>

<p>well I think u got 50 % at cornell and abt 30 % at princeton</p>

<p>thanks for the reply, callthecops. Anybody else?</p>

<p>i c no reason for u being denied admission @ CU. As they accept a large number of applicants, and you are above their averages, I'd give you a 65-70% chance.</p>

<p>Goldplatinum, no university top 25 university has a 65%+ admission rate for students with a 3.7 GPA, 1420 on the SAT and a 15%. There is no way of assigning a % chance of admission anyway. Admission depends on many factors such as essays, recommendations, quotas, ECs etc...</p>

<p>Alexandre, 2 things major off topic. Firstly, the way you spell your user name just annoys me LOL. I know you go by the king's English, but it annoys me on words like theatre and metre, AHH. Should be Alexander. Secondly, is the UAE a good place to vacation? I got a possible Middle East call-up in January and I don't like to travel far. I heard you guys got good casinos there, please advise.</p>