ok ok ok, seriously now... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

<p>Our school decided to shorten the deadline for applications, so here I am trying to figure out which schools to apply to in a hurry... well, here we go...</p>

<p>Chinese, 17 years old, CA resident</p>

SAT New: 560CR, 690W, 800M
SATII: projected 700-720 Physics and 720-750 for 2C (650 US History if that does any good, which it won't, I'm sure)</p>

<p>Senior (this year) schedule: (most rigorous courseload, except no AP language)
Biology AP
English 4 AP
Govt/Econ AP
Calculus AB AP </p>

<p>Got a 3 on the AP US History AP exam... sick</p>

<p>GPA: 3.4 UW 3.91 W (SO SO SO SO SO DISGUSTING, I KNOW!)</p>

<p>OK, extra curriculars:
Went to rural China for 3 weeks to teach oral English to English teachers there. It's one of Intel China's biggest community service things.. worked there for about 9 hours a day. I lived in the school and ate at the cafeteria, which is some kind of payment I guess. I had 24 students. Uh... I guess its only special because absolutely nobody else has it, otherwise its nothing worth mentioning. </p>

<p>Taught English in Shanghai for 3 weeks, not that its something in particular, either. Worked at an office. Primary duty was improve the workers' oral English, secondary duty was help out in the office doing clerical stuff. Got a really good review by the supervisor and that's about it. 8 hours a day. Was volunteer work but they gave me 1000yuan ($120) (and a Tshirt) at the end as a gift. </p>

<p>Went to school in Shanghai for 02-03 (freshman). Editor in Chief for newspaper and yearbook there. </p>

<p>Parents seperated. live with mom and she gets crap pay. (<60K)</p>

<p>JSA for 2 years, about 75 credit hours. no position held</p>

<p>Chinese National Honor Society 2 years, 50something credit hours, no position</p>

<p>Football Team 10th grade.</p>

<p>What more can i say? (i'm flippin doomed)</p>

<p>My essays should be pretty good since i got a lot of teachers from China who will read them (they are mostly HYPS grads,dunno what they're doing in China). My teacher recs should be mediocre since im planning on asking my senior year teachers. ALso, one more thing, my essays are gonna be flippin crazy as in the topics will be crazy. They're all gonna be toss-up, out of the box crap-shoot ones (appropriate for UChi, dunno about others).</p>

<p>Well, this is a pretty brief but complete history of the past four years. Now, let's get to the schools in question..... (the best part)</p>

<p>NYU Stern
U Chicago
Carnegie Mellon
Washington U in STL
Johns Hopkins
Harvard (for the hell of it)
Boston College

<p>Ann Arbor
Urbana Champaign
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Santa Barb</p>

<p>Please reccommend schools too. </p>

<p>what more can i say??? Please please please leave some imput!!! Thanks in advance..</p>

<p>2050 SAT 1 total... too disgusting to put on the same post as so many other disgusting scores.</p>

<p>oh yeah, i have 2 years of Chinese at school (level 4H) and 2 years of French (level 2) not that it's gonna help...</p>


<p>UCB/UCLA: Reach
UCSD: Match
UCI/UCSB/UCD: Safe Match</p>

<p>Umm sorry, but don't waste the money applying to Harvard, Brown. Stern, Chicago, Brown and so on. You have noi hook so look for schools where your stats put you at the 75%. Frankly, right now you list is one of the most unrealistic I've ever seen on this site, and that's saying lots.</p>

<p>^ Yeah, my stats are even a bit better than yours, and I'm not applying to ONE of those schools, except for BC and even then it's one of my reaches, and I'm applying EA. Since your stats are so similar to mine, I'll give you a list of my schools to give you a start on reorganizing. Now, don't take this as a negative, it's good that you came on here to realize what your chances were before you applied to all of those school's and only got into one or two.</p>

<p>Boston College - If you do EA, it's a reach, but you have a shot
Tufts - I'm applying here as a HUGE reach, so, you may want to find another school as your big reach
Brandeis - Another reach, but still easier to get into than Tufts
GW - Match, solid school
American - Match/slight safety
U of Richmond - Match/slight reach
Wake Forest - slight reach, but they're very big on debate, which gives me an edge, so you may not want to apply here
Boston U - Match/slight reach</p>

<p>So, you may not like any of those schools, but it's just a list to see since you have comparable stats, btw...mine: GPA 3.47 UW/ 4.02 W, ~top 10%, 30 ACT</p>


<p>Shorthen your list. 19 schools @ ~$70 is already quite a price. You don't want to pay more in application fees than for tuition.</p>

<p>oh and by the way, you might want to consider apply to a high school as a post-graduate.</p>

<p>1400 bux aint a thang sukka!!!! imma prob drop everyhting cept the UCs though, F IT</p>