Omg i will give anyone who help me a $million dollars!!

<p>I need HELP!!!!
I don't have millions dollars but I will give you guys lots of hugs!!!</p>

<p>I was reading the UPENN supplement on commonapp online
and they told me to get an international supplement
i am currently attending US School.moved last november(2007)</p>

<p>my counselor never mentioned this before and she just told me to ask my previous school to send the official transcript. They did and now it's break.
I don't know what to do.</p>

<p>Do i have to fill the form out by the deadline?</p>

<p>i'm soooo confused...</p>

<p>helpe me!!!!</p>

<p>umm cal penn and ask, they would knwo what to tell you</p>

<p>I'm international, even though I'm in the US. Penn didn't ask for my other highschool outside the US, because they had transferred their classes onto my American transcript.
Penn doesn't care, but other schools would want an international transcript.</p>

<p>Thanks alot
so no international supplement?</p>