One of the best podcasts I listened to in the past six months...

I listen to podcasts a lot and today’s podcast from “99% invisible” (love Roman Mars and even his ads for “progressive insurance” sounds cool! ?), though it is actually an old episode from another good podcaster Phoebe Judge’s “the criminal”. Story ( like this makes my day.

A neutral “Buddha” that changed a crime-prone, garbage-ridden place in Oakland, Ca.

I love the West Wing Weekly which takes each episode of The West Wing and not only reviews it but often also discusses the issues it brings up with guests that include not just the cast and crew but also relevant individuals. For example in an episode about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, they interviewed the highest ranking Naval Officer who served openly. For an episode that dealt with Canada PM Justin Trudeau was a guest.

I have heard about this podcast but haven’t followed it up with listening, I didn’t really watch west wing (a few episodes and didn’t know the characters intimately) back in the days, would I be lost without the necessary knowledge of the show itself?

For most of the episodes you really need to have seen the show. It is available on Netflix and you can watch an episode and then Listen. It’s an Absolutely fabulous show and I highly recommend watching in conjunction with the podcast One of the podcast host ( Josh Malina) was on later seasons of the show and that is why they are able to have access to all of the cast and production people.

OP, are you talking specific podcast episodes or podcasts in general? The specifics towards “the last 6 months” make me wonder. Because most podcasts I listen to I’ve been listening to for much longer!

Thanks for the recommendation! Will check it out!
It can be both. Specific episode(s) or like @maya54 did, a particular podcast
Like you, I have been listening to pods for years, and now there are an explosion of pods out there. Want to edit my listening list and also try to find new gems.

It was just OK, but of interest to this forum maybe -

@makemesmart - I love Phoebe Judge’s This is Criminal podcast and her newer one, This is Love. Some of the Criminal ones are just plain funny - the interview with the Swedish bank robber responsible for our phrase “the Stockholm Syndrome”, and another one from someone who hijacked a plane and tried to skydive out of it with a pile of money. I love the Buddha story and there’s an earlier podcast about it that interviews the Vietnamese family that started worshiping there.

This is Love is wonderful too, and the stories reduce me to happy tears sometimes. The most recent ones are all set in Italy, even in a town that has ugliness championships.

Another one I like is called Bleeped and it’s all about people who were censored. There have only been 3 episodes so far. H heard me listening and said, “what on earth is going on?”. The podcast had been discussing specifics of Robert Mapplethorpe photos, lol.

I love “Reply All” and “More Perfect.” MP is a fascinating look at Supreme Court decisions and how they shape our lives. It’s by the same folks who bring us Radiolab so it’s compelling, super interesting and incredibly relevant. RA is all about how people shape the internet and vice versa. The hosts, PJ and Alex, are so much fun to listen to and it’s incredibly entertaining and interesting. I’ve also started listening to “The Daily” from the NY Times. It keeps me up to date on current events in an easy to digest, interesting way. Thank god for these 3 for making my commute much more bearable!

There is a companion podcast to the HBO miniseries Chernobyl. Fascinating, I don’t have HBO and have not seen the miniseries. I think the podcast stands on its own.

There’s a new podcast series from NPR called throughline which I am really liking. Gives a historical timeline on topics that are of interest today. I hope that makes sense but I’m enjoying it.

Lillian Cunningham of the Washington Post has a new podcast about the race for the Moon called Moonrise. I really enjoyed her past series, Presidential and Constitutional.

The 30 for 30 series about birkram yoga is good

And I’ve mentioned this before here but The Dream is about multi level marketing and a series worth listening to.

I listen to podcasts a lot lol. But if I would have to recommend the best one, the Chernobyl podcast by far.

+1 for West Wing Weekly! It’s been a great binge watch/listen while I walk combo for me! I watched the entire 7 season series for the first time last summer, and then cycled back to coincide with particular podcast episodes. I learned about it when I asked for recommendations for podcasts on this forum when I had a long solo drive ahead of me.

I’m a podcast newbie, and I have enjoyed all three that I have listened to:
The Dream - mentioned above
The Dropout - about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes
Dr. Death - incompetent neurosurgeon in Dallas

I’m following this thread for suggestions, as I have some long driving trips coming up in the next few weeks.

Like the book thread, I think my tastes run much lighter than many here.

Though he can be a little abrasive/potty mouthed I really, really enjoy ArmChair Expert with Dax Shepard. Just pick and choose the people he interviews which range from icons like Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel etc. to Sanjay Gupta, MD, Ben Platt from Dear Evan Hansen, Samin Nosrat of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat - to his mom!

I love Happier with Gretchen Rubin for good tips on making small changes in everyday life.

I also enjoy several cooking, DIY and women focused podcasts.

I subscribed “this is love” and enjoyed the new episode “the memory artist”. It is a keeper. Thank you ?
Second “reply all” and “more perfect”. We might have quite a few overlapping favorites. Have you listened to the RA episodes where Alex was doggedly looking for those “telemarking scammers” and even went to India to track them down? It was so good! I think that was when I got hooked by them and Alex’s infectious laughter is a hoot.
I have listened to interviews to the director of Chernobyl, will check it out!
@“cincy gal”
I don’t know whether you would want to read the book “bad blood”, which is about Elizabeth Holmes (I really think she is a sociopathic person) and Theranos. I listened to Drop Out after reading the book, I think the book is more chilling.
I have two food-related pods that I’d like to recommend 1) Sporkful, host Dan Pashman does not take himself too seriously and I always have a fun time “trying” different kinds of food and “meeting” interesting people along the way. 2) splendid table, it is more serious about cooking than Sporkful, but in a relax and intelligent way.

Is the pod hosted by Peter Sagal of Wait wait?

I’ve never tried Sporkful though I think I’ve heard of it. I did try Splendid Table and it was a little too subdued for me. I have liked Gastropod though! And I like Milk Street and Radio Cherry Bombe (focuses on women in food).

@makemesmart, yes hosted by Peter Sagal

@abasket, I listen to a variety of podcasts, some more serious than others. Just like reading, I like that summer beach read just as much as the serious non fiction book.

I also listen to fluff stuff from the ringer, bravo tv (my mindless obsession is all the real housewives) and am much as I hate to admit it, barstool radio. But these are very narrow focused based on specific things I’m interested in and didn’t think others would be.

No food podcasts though, they would make me too hungry although I am sure my H would tell you that all I watch is cooking shows.

i really like Splendid Table and the “cook the perfect__” podcasts. Sporkful, for some reason, irritated the heck out of me, as did RadioLab. I listen to Planet Money all the time, it’s full of trivia and smart stuff you didn’t know you cared about. My son told me to listen to Lawfare and President’s Inbox if you are looking for an apolitical deeper dive into various current governmental issues. I feel like I learn a lot from those last two.

Our Alexa can’t pronounce WWDTM – it says “Wait Wait! --pause— Don’t Tell ME” with stress on the last word. Makes us laugh, but then I unplugged nosy ol’ Alexa.

I’d like to get on a tour with the two ladies of “Gastropod” ?
I actually liked Oberlin college (till we found out it will take five years to graduate!) because I like RadioLab so much and both of its regular hosts are Oberlin grads. You might want to give their recent pod a chance? It is about “the most intelligent animals ( so funny and informative. I was literally LOL while listening to it.
I listen to this on Thursdays on NPR on my way home from work.
They had a story slam grand championship in Chicago and went with my 22 year old daughter that listens also. Highly recommended and entertaining.