One year in with the rest in my mind

<p>Have I got any chances at Harvard</p>

<p>9th grade GPA not complete but predicted 3.5 ( seriously messed up in the begging due to complete lack of drive)</p>

<p>10th, 11th, and 12th grade GPA - estimated as a 3.9</p>

<p>SAT in 7th grade 1080 (taking in 11th with a predicted 2250)</p>

<p>Going to take about 10 SAT subject Matter tests</p>

<p>classes - Honors Earth Environmental, Honors Bio, Honors English 1, Honors Eng 2, Honors World History, Honors Alg 2, Honors Pre-clac, Honors Descrete Math, Honors Hummanities.</p>

<p>10th grade classes - AP AB calc, AP stat, AP Euro and US ( not sure abbout euro but i know theres going to be two of them), Honors Eng 3, AP Eng 4, AP chem, AP physics.</p>

<p>11th grade classes - 4 APs with another 3 self study</p>

<p>12 grade classes - 4 APs self study and two college courses</p>


<p>Things like YlA, Model UN, Charleston math conference ( i live in NC and thats a big math conference where people from like 3 to 5 states come to), Math Team, Debate team, Sports, Teen court, volunteering, interenships etc. ( though I am specifically really passionate about business, I'
m not just getting a bunch of ECs)</p>

<p>As far as I'm concerned. You shouldn't even post a chances thread if you are at 9th grade.</p>

<p>This grade is the time to adjust to the demands/pressures of high school and learn about yourself.</p>

<p>Do your best in sophmore year and try to find EC's that you actually enjoy, make sure you're not too well rounded. Go for 2 clubs, 1 sport, and a volunteer or job experience. Learn more about what interests you at Harvard, the campus life, a certain major, the location, etc..</p>

<p>During your junior year, put complete focus on yourself and school. Take that desire to get into Harvard, and use it as motivation for a majority of your experience that year, as well as preparing for the SAT. Be sure to take a math and science SAT II if you are interested in Harvard, or any other similar caliber school.</p>

<p>Make sure that you take an intro or AP Computer Science course, since colleges do like to see kids with savvy computer skills.</p>

<p>Planning your schedule for senior year, make your courseload challenging, yet reflect your interests. For instance, if you hate history, but the history course you're in isn't the most challenging history course for you, don't go for that AP course. If you're interested in a Pre-Med undergrad at Harvard, then go for advanced math and science courses.</p>

<p>Be sure to clearly indicate your dedication and passion around your junior and senior years.</p>

<p>Try not to make mistakes, such as hang out with the wrong crowd or get in trouble at school.</p>

<p>My overall advice: Find yourself, do your best, make friends who encourage you or keep ones that already do, study hard your junior year, show passion and dedication to your interests, ACHIEVE AND EXCEL IN MATH AND/OR SCIENCE COMPETITIONS OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL, get an internship based off your interests, major wise, during the summer before your junior or senior year</p>

<p>Chances: If you follow through with that, your chances at Harvard are still pretty hard to determine based on how the pool of applicants look during your time. However, I'm sure you'd stand a chance and would be well for the running.</p>

<p>First of all, I am going to have taken pretty much every single AP course there is, since my school requires the ones I put for 9th and 10th grade. Also I forgot to mention that I allrady speak another language, and will probably speak a third really well and a fouurth pretty well. Also, I'm not asking for my chances really(sorry for wording my post that way in the beggining), im asking what else I could do or what I should do differently.</p>

<p>If i where u I would consentrate on just doing well in school. Sometimes looking at CC so early might get u the feeling that ur almost done with highschool and then u start to slack off and in ur junior year are worried cuz u got mayby a lil too many C's or B's than expected. Just worry bout working hard till junior year. once u have something concrete then come back.</p>