Oops I Made A Mistake!!!!

<p>I submitted my app for the UC's almost two weeks ago and i just realized i made a mistake... but i dont know how serious it is. Well i at my school AP Gov is offered 1st semester, and Econ is offered second. However on my app i put AP Gov: In progress/planned Economics: In progress/planned. How serious is this problem??? and if it's serious how do i go about fixing it?</p>

<p>I made the same mistake with the AP Gov thing (put it as a full year when I won't have it until 2nd semester). I was kinda just going to let it slide, but maybe that's not the best idea.</p>

<p>umm if I accidentally wrote 2003 instead of 2004 for one of the Ec's, is it a big deal? I mean, that means I basically was in it for one extra year, which i wasn't, am I going to get killed for dishonesty?</p>


<p>they probably wont find out. College admissions office's are busy, they don't have time to check out a person's ecs. As long as it doesn't look suspicious.</p>

<p>If you're freaking out this much, just email them. But honestly it doesn't matter.</p>