orientation for internationals

<p>hrm i cant attend any of the A-E sessions during summer, so they say ill be automatically placed in session F. do i need to still fill out the student orientation questionnaire (because on the questionaire, it doesn have session F as a possible session "choice")</p>

<p>when was session F supposed to be held? i spoke with them on the phone, told them tht i'd be out of the country b/w dates for A to E and was told tht they'd take all the necassary placement exams, etc during the welcome week. maybe he was referring to session F. no idea on how to register for it though. maybe they'll mail all the intls. a registration form for it...</p>

<p>monday 29 and tuesday 30th of August</p>

<p>session F is free</p>

<p>any ideas on what we need to do after we get there?
And any ideas on how the insurance work? I dont have any information on insurance.</p>