Orientation for Stern and whatnot


<p>Does anyone know when Stern's incoming freshmen orientation is? When are we supposed to get to nyu? (I think class starts 9/6) Thanks!</p>

<p>june 6-10, one day orienttations, theyll mail you the day</p>

<p>yes it sux</p>

<p>a one-day orientation?!?! if so, that's ridiculous! who wants to fly alll the way out to new york to take a bunch of stupid placement tests and sign up for classes and then fly allll the way back home? argh..</p>

<p>oh well, thanks for the info matt!</p>

<p>what placement tests do we have to take?</p>

<p>yeh... I didn't know anything about placement tests</p>

<p>oh, I don't think they're required of everyone. . . for example, I'd probably have to take a foreign language and a stats one. . .Even if I got a 4 or 5 on the AP Stats test, I'd still have to take their placement exam...</p>