<p>Hello, I was accepted ED and am so excited for any excuse to visit NYU. I know that there are seperate school orientations in the summer but i heard about University day and sunday at the square on these boards last year and was just wondering if anyone has any info on them. Thanx</p>

<p>Not all NYU schools have their orientations through the summer. Some are done during Welcome Week after move in. Sunday at the Square and other similar events in the spring are not for E.D. kids.</p>

<p>Thanx for the info...do you know any pre-welcome week orientations/events that are for ED kids?</p>

<p>Some NYU colleges have summer orientations. You'll get information on orientation and welcome week closer to the summer. Be patient.</p>

<p>You lucky B*SSTARD. I'd trade my soul to be your place.</p>

When my daughter was a senior in high school, (she is a junior at NYU now) she was invited to a program in early March, kind of like a pre-orientation, full day thing - I believe they called it Sunday in the Park. It was very nice. They did an excellent job presenting the University. Although she hadn't been formally accepted yet, the invitation told her that she would receive her formal acceptance shortly thereafter (which she did).</p>

<p>navdad, they still do the Sunday in the Square activities but the OP was asking about events for E.D. kids and SITS, and similar events, are not open to E.D. kids.</p>