overdone topic, but testmasters list?

<p>does anyone have copies of old testmasters list? current and old? i'd like to memorize them</p>

<p>um they only work for the test date they are made for so you would be wasting your time. Try to get the list for the next test date when it comes out. I don't know whether they can make anymore lists because the new sat is probably not going to use any old stuff.</p>

<p>well you see i'm taking a post poned test = reused test</p>

<p>Use the Jan 22nd list. I bet it will at least have 25% of thw word sminimum, but I dunno.</p>

<p>probably not, since the sunday test was the october 2004 test</p>

<p>the postponed test=sunday's test??</p>

<p>how do you know?? i doubt it...</p>

<p>well even so...does anyone in CC have an october 2004 wordmasters??? or a pdf file of the actual test?? or know how to get it??</p>