Oxford and Cambridge

<p>I was wondering, how do these schools compare in competitiveness to US colleges? Also, is there any advantage to going to these schools? Why has no one brought them up? I am just curious as my brother was talking about applying... thanks for the info.</p>

<p>oxford is top 20 in the world i believe</p>

<p>Cambridge is commonly seen at top 5. Most of the time it is even ranked number one internationally. The reason people dont talk about them is due to their location: both universities are in England.</p>

<p>If not top 5.</p>

<p>the schools may be very good, but expensive, undesirable location, can't live on campus most of the time... not a fun place...</p>

<p>you live on campus, at least in oxford- the university is divided into around 30(?) colleges that are like subdivisions i guess.
your chance of getting in undergrad from the US is much lower than getting in grad school - if you want to apply, apply for grad school because their percentage of students from the US is much, much higher. btw i'm talking about oxford here because i dont know anything about cambridge... lol. i actually went to oxford for a couple weeks this past summer and asked a bunch of questions.</p>

<p>did you know oxford's acceptance/rejection letters arrive on christmas eve? what a great christmas present for the majority that get rejected. lool.</p>

<p>One of my best friends applied to Oxford and that process is a *****! She had to take a million tests and submit it all by october 15th. As for the nice christmas present...it's a touch bargain.</p>

<p>Acceptance rate for her college is 25% though (history)</p>

<p>Applying from US is a bad idea. Its very tough to be even considered if you are not from in a commonwealth country, going through the K7-13 British edu system. Of course its not impossible but if you have those stats, you may want to look into HYPS....</p>